[VIDEO] All Around Bread Dough: Nutella Star Bread (Plus Bonus Twist Bread)

How To Make Star Bread

The season of giving and sharing starts with this beautiful and sinfully delicious chocolate filled Star Bread and MORE!

Star Bread

Layers of sweet bread dough filled with sinfully delicious Nutella spread then twisted and shape into this adorable star shape, sound difficult but it’s not. 


 I was first attracted to how beautiful this bread looks like, I mean look at it. Isn’t it gorgeous? To beautiful go tear apart and eat, sadly that’s the ending for this beautiful bread. More than to be admired, it was meant l be enjoyed. It was so beautiful that when I first saw it I cannot get it out of my kind, I told myself I have to make it.


Then I stopped and hesitated. It’s so beautiful it looks complicated, can I really make it? When I first made it, I was just starting on my baking and I was not that confident yet. But then I gave it a try.


I challenge myself to make it, and guess what? It turned out amazing even the first time I made it. From then on, I had been making this bread so many times I already stopped counting. 

I’ve made this bread several times, and I’ve called it in different names but the end result is always this beautiful star shape bread.

My All-Around Bread Dough

I had been working and perfecting my All-Around Bread Dough and finally its ready. I had used this dough several times both for sweet and savory bread and it never failed me even once. I always get the soft, fluffy bread that is delicious even without any spread on it. This dough the same dough I  used in making this Star Bread. You can use store-bough bread dough or even your own bread down recipe, use the instructions below as a guide. I have both measurement for a large batch (12 dinner rolls) that can make 2 medium size Star Bread or one huge bread. I also have the small batch measurement that can make 1 medium size Star Bread. So whether you are making it for a group of friends or just for a small number of people, I got you covered. There is no waste, no left over.

Shorter 2ND Rest Period to Retain the Star Shape – 30 minutes only

This is a very important point to remember, specially if you are making your dough from scratch. The All-Around Bread Dough that I used require two rest period to allow the dough to rise and be fluffy. Normally, the first rest period will be 30 minutes to 1 hour and then the second rest will be 1 hour. The longer the bread rest, the more it expands and rise. For the first rest period, that is totally fine. But for the second rest period, instead of 1 hour, I had it cut down to 30 minutes to retain the shape of the Star Bread. Since we are twisting and tucking in the dough to seal it, the more it expands, the greater than that it will loose the seal. We  do not want that to happen. So have your timer set to 30 minutes only.

How Many Bread Can I Make Using the All-Around Bread Dough?

The bread dough recipe I used can make a 2 star shaped bread of 7-inch size or one huge bread about 10-12-inch size. You can stretch it as long as it’s not too thin to the point of tearing. I always prefer 3 medium size rather than own large size, but I can just imagine how beautiful it is when you make it big. You can make both bread as star bread, or make the other one free form like what I have in the video. 

Twist Bread By SweetNSpicyLiving

Tips on Using the Scrap Dough

I don’t waste anything when making this bread, as you can see from the video, I was able to make another layered free form bread from the scrap dough.

  • Option 1: If you want the extra bread to also have Nutella filling, simply spread the chocolate filling all over the top of the dough, even outside the boarder of circle. This way, when you gather it up to make another bread it’s already have the filling.
  • Option 2: I you want the extra bread to be plain, spread the Nutella only on top of the circle, leaving the excess free of filling. In my video, I actually decided to have the scrap filled with Nutella as will but I decided it too late. Instead, I just spread some Nutella in the layers before shaping it. Not that difficult. 
Twist Bread

All-Year Round Bread

This is fantastic bread for any day of the year, but even more during the holiday season. Imagine the the look on your guest faces when they see this bread on the table, priceless. But do encourage them to eat it. I served this one time and somebody asked me if they can eat the bread, I guess they were hesitant to tear it apart. What follows next is them saying “This bread is amazing!”. Now that’s all worth it. Let’s make this bread, Let’s get started! 

Nutella Twist Bread


  • 1 Bread Dough – I used my favorite All-Around Bread Dough
  • 1 cup Chocolate spread – Nutella works best and easier to find
Star Bread Collage


Make the Bread Dough

You can use any sweet bread dough, store-bought or homemade. I used my All-Around Bread Dough to make this bread. It is so simple and easy, check out the video and link at the end of the post.

Divide The Bread Dough

  1. Big Batch Measurement: Divide the dough into 6 equal portions.
  2. Small Batch Measurement: If using the small batch of 6 measurement of the All-Around Bread Dough, divide the dough into 3 portion. I used a kitchen weighing scale, you can eye ball it if you do not have scale.

Layer the Bread Dough

  1. Shape each portion into 3/6 circles of about 7″ in diameter each. I used a bottom of a pie pan to do this. You can also use plate. You can also make a bigger bread by cutting it to 10 – 12″ inches (use the big batch measurement). You will end up with 1 huge bread a small extra bread from the scrap dough.
  2. Layer & Spread:  Lay the 1st piece of dough and spread Chocolate spread on top. Cover with the second piece, spread Chocolate spread on top pressing it down slightly, pushing out any air bubbles. Cover with the last piece. At this step, you should have assembled all the 3 pieces of the dough.

Shape It

  1.  Cut: Set a small drinking glass in the center of bread dough circle and start by cutting the pastry in 4, starting at the edge of the glass and going outward. Then slice each quarter into 2. And then cut each eighth into 4. You should end up with about 8 twists. The smaller the bottom of the glass, the longer bread portion you can twist. I used a 3-inch diameter glass bottom and did the twist twice.
  2. Twist and Turn: Twist each strip gently, starting at the center and then working your way outward, giving the twist support the entire time, to avoid breakage. I gave each strip about 2 turns. Repeat with the remaining strips. Remove the glass and brush the entire thing with egg wash.
  3. Leave for 30 minutes hour in a warm place before baking.
Nutella Twist Bread

To Make Use of the Scrap Dough: Make a Twist Bread

  1. Gather the scrap dough and twist it into circle bun
  2. Brush top with egg-wash
  3. Leave for 60 minutes  in a warm place before baking.
  4. Bake at 350F for 20 – 25 minutes

Bake It

  1. Preheat the oven to 350F and bake for 35 – 40 minutes or until the top turns golden brown.

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