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Welcome to STB – Sinfully The BEST Too!

Restaurant Name: Sinfully The Best Too
Website: http://www.sinfullythebest.com/
Location: #115-3531 Bayview Street, Richmond BC Canada V7E-5W3
Hours of Operation: Everyday

I was out on my bike on sunny Saturday morning, and although I was really so lazy to go out that day, I was glad I did. Most of the time that is the relationship with my bike, but as soon as I am out, I always felt better, more relax and thankful to have the chance to approach the beauty of the place where I live. 

Sinfully The Best Too Steveston Village Richmond BC

But that’s not the only good thing that happened when I went out biking last week, something even better happened and when I say something even better that always means food. Yeah, food, desserts makes things even better, right? 

That’s what I want to share with you today. To cut to the chase, I finally got the chance to visit Sinfully The Best Too store. I always took the West Dyke which leads to Garry Point Park, a must place to stop if you want to have good fish and chips at Pajos plus gelato at Timothy’s anyway, my bike always never end just in that place, I like extending it to Steveston Village, one of my favourite place to hangout during summer. This place although small has a lot of things going on, not to mention shops, restaurant, cafe, museum and more. I have quite a favorite places here like Sweet Spot, Pajos, Timothy’s, Sinfully The Best and now Sinfully The Best Too was added in my list, and that it what I want to focus on in this post.

I did a separate post for Sinfully The Best last year and although I’ve heard that they’ve opened a new branch near the area, I never got the chance to visit them. I found their second store last week when I was at Steveston. 



I wasn’t even looking for it, but the location of the store was situated in  a very area in Steveton, close to my favorite spots. It’s close to Georgia Cannery, across Fisherman’s Wharf area. I was very pleased to see that there were bike parking area very close to the store. If you drive, there’s also a parking area just across the street. 

The facade of the building was simple, yet elegant and welcoming. It’s the kind of store that will peak your curiosity when you see it from the outside. Some locals of probably usual people who go to Steveston seems to know them too. While I was waiting for them to open, there were some people who passed by and I heard them taking about this place, the lady said its a great store that specializes in chocolates. I smiled and almost wanted to comment and say, “there’s more to it than just chocolates, trust me”. But, I kept that in my mind. Another 3 other tourist passed by and stopped outside looking at the store, thinking it they want to go in or not. Again, I was temped to convince them to give it a try, it won’t be long before it open anyways, few more minutes. They continued walking though, it seems they don’t have time to wait. As for me, It didn’t even need any convincing to go in because I know and love their STB store, so I can only imagine this will also be an exceptional one, the major question  in my mind was “what makes this branch different from the first one”. Let’s find out! 

At exactly 11:00am, the store opened. Guess what? I’m the first one inside, I should probably get an early bird award. 

Sinfully The Best Too

The Store

They say first impression is lasting, and my first impression in this store was definitely a good one, even better than my impression in their first STB branch. The store opened almost 1 year now, and I cannot believe it took me this long before I got the chance to visit it.  The store was and as always very organized, clean, and spacious. It’s definitely a lot bigger than the first store, but it kept the same clean and stylish layout. The store is sandwich between two stores, a wedding store and a small restaurant. It just crossed my mind, it would help if they could put a floor signage in front to make if more visible for people walking by. 

Sinfully The Best Too Steveston Village Richmond

The Kitchen

 Aside for the size itself being bigger, this store has a kitchen area at the back that is exposed and visible from the counter area. When customer walks in, people can actually see what’s going on the back. I liked that, no secrets. The most important thing, it’s really clean and again, organized. 

Sinfully The Best Too at Steveston Village Richmond BC Canada Blog By SweetNSpicyLiving.com

Welcome Treats, as Always

How many store can you tell me that actually give out free treats as soon as you walk in? Like real good treat, not small cut out pieces of pastries or cookies. This is another thing that really makes them stand out for me. In their first branch, they offer customers free mousse cups, 1 piece each customer which basically coat 2.25 each if you but it. In this store, they offer 1 piece of Macaroon tasting for each customer, about 2 each if you buy them. They’re not going cheap on their promotion in their stores, you don’t piece bite so you get to appreciate the product to allow you to make a decision I you want to buy more not. Based on my experience, their mousse cups are definitely a must try item, and the Macaron are good too, but I’ll get to that in more details later along with the other products in this store.

Sinfully The Best Too Steveston Village Richmond BC Canada


I could say anything bad about their staff in both stores, and I am glad that through the years they are really maintaining good employees who always feels customers welcomed. The staffs are professional even though some of them are really young (maybe high school or university students), they seem to be trained really well on how to deal with customers. It only shows that you it doesn’t have to be all certified or high paying professional for you to run a successful store. I like store like this who gives opportunity to wide range of people. 

Sinfully The Best Too Steveston Village Richmond BC Canada Blog By SweetNSpicyLiving.com

What Makes This Branch Different From The First One?

I was lucky enough to have a chance to have a chat with Anita, the store manager for both STB branches. I’ve seen her a lot of times in the other store but, we chatted sometimes but I never got the chance to introduce myself until after I published my first review in their STB branch. The introduction happened only in email, but this time I got the chance to introduce myself personally. 

Anita had been the manager of the store for xx years now and with this new store opening, she had been juggling between two stores to make sure both stores runs smoothly. By the way that she talks about the store, I can feel her passion for the work that she’s doing. I can sense the feeling of pride about the store and the products and services that they are offering. It comes so very natural of her, I guess that how it is when you really believe in what you are selling. You become the ambassador not only because you are being paid to do it, but mostly because you love what you are doing, and believe me, she does. 

So I asked her the question, I want to hear it her although some of the answers are quite obvious as soon as I stepped inside the store. 

Sinfully The Best Too Steveston Village

So, “What makes this branch different from the first one?”  

  • Introducing, cupcakes, mini bundt cakes and Macaron: Bigger space, that’s one thing that is very obvious, but there’s more than the just the space. First, as soon as I entered the store, my eyes caught the cupcakes, mini Bundt cakes and macaroons counter. Now that alone was a reason to visit this branch, on top of my usual purchase of melting chocolates. This store has all the baking activities going, something that the other branch doesn’t have. The other branch is mostly centered on chocolates and some preserves and boxed cookies. Having the new additional products in this branch gave this store a more cafe and chocolate-ire kind of feel 
  • Bigger Kitchen for Classes – if you are interested to attend on chocolate making classes and baking classes, they offer those kind of classes in this store. Bigger kitchen means more space for people to move around during classes. I got really interested in this, and I am hoping to join one of their class soon. If you are interested to check what’s going on, check this link for the class offering.

My few minutes of stop at this store definitely made my Saturday bike ride fun. Now that I found this 2nd branch, I’ll be sure to pay them a visit more often that usual. 

So if you happen to be in Steveston Village, pay this store a visit. 

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Sinfully The Best (STB) Steveston VIllage Richmond BC

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