About SweetNSpicy Me


I’m a food-lover (obviously), originally from the Philippines but had decided to make Vancouver-Canada my home since 2009.

My love for food started at an early age as my parents had run a restaurant for many years. I was fascinated with the fact that food can look BEAUTIFUL on top of that that it can be TASTY.

I dabbled in the business of creating sweets that I prepared and sold with my siblings for a while. But no serious efforts were put into exploring the ART of food-making and presentation until I came to Vancouver.Vancouver gave me more opportunity to explore baking , cooking and photography as a hobby.

Oh, about the spicy part, I also LOVE Spicy foods. My savory creations all enjoy a level of spiciness that I try to add in subtle ways to give them a zing without over-powering the original taste.

So what better name that Sweet ‘n’ Spicy 🙂

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