Garden Talk (2023): Tiny Little Crocus

They’re tiny, but they make the garden pop-up with colors. This is the first year that I planted Crocus. I often prefer planting cut flowers but I made an exception for Crocus. I love how they brighten up the space wherever they bloom, I love the vibrant variety of colors, I love how easy it is to grow them. Because Crocus is quite small and not suitable for cut flowers, I decided to plant them in a container. I have a huge []

Garden Talk (2022): What is in my Flower Garden This Year

We have a lot of catching up to do. I had been so busy this year that I did not realize that I haven’t shared a single post about my garden this year. It is not that I am not doing any gardening, just busy with a lot of things at work and with my personal life. We are going to have a long chat today, I will be sharing you the blooms in my garden this year. This year is the []