Small Batch Flourless Chocolate Almond Cake in a Ramekin (Serving for Two)

I love big cakes, layered and even tiered cakes with beautiful and elegant decorations and frosting. There are occasions that calls for []

[VIDEO] 7 Easy Comforting Soup

Hello there! Do you still have hangover from all the delicious food that you had over the Holidays? Or maybe you still have some leftover to finish and do not feel like cooking more? I have compiled here 7 easy soup to keep you back on track. Soup are great way to pair with any meals, and sometimes they can be a meal on its own. I made videos for all these 7 soup recipe this way y ou get to see []

[VIDEO] When have plenty of fresh fruits, make this for an easy dessert

I love this recipe that I am sharing with you today. Use this as a guide to the many variations that you can make. I made this couple of times before when I want a fresh easy delicious dessert. It comes in just few minutes and you don’t really need a detailed recipe for this. More than giving you a fixed measured ingredients, I will give you the idea on how to prepare this Fresh Fruit & Yogurt Boat. You can use []

Garden Talk (2022): What is in my Flower Garden This Year

We have a lot of catching up to do. I had been so busy this year that I did not realize that I haven’t shared a single post about my garden this year. It is not that I am not doing any gardening, just busy with a lot of things at work and with my personal life. We are going to have a long chat today, I will be sharing you the blooms in my garden this year. This year is the []