[VIDEO] 2 Ingredients Stewed Berries

A simple Stewed Berries made from only 2 Ingredients (not counting the salt). Perfect for pancakes, oatmeal, cake, French toast, ice cream and sundae toppings. This Stewed Berries is so easy to make, you can have this is just 10 minutes! You can use frozen or mixed Berries, which means even if Berries are not in season, you can still enjoy this Stewed Berries any time to you want.

Beets Chocolate Cake

If you have 10 minutes and these 2 simple ingredients, you can make this super easy, delicious Stewed Berries.  I started making this Stewed Berries last Winter. You’re probably wondering why Winter. It’s not the season itself, but it was the lack of fresh Berries that I decided to use frozen to make this Stewed Berries. I had been eating oatmeal almost every week and having a batch of ready to use Stewed Berries every time I make oatmeal was so convenient.

Although Winter is finally over an done (Yehey to that!), and we are almost there to welcome Summer really soon, I still make this Stewed Berries. I used fresh Berries whenever available and budget friendly and used frozen when I cannot have any fresh Berries.

Mini Dutch Baby with Stewed Berries

What is Stewed Berries?

Stewed Berries are simply mixed berries with a little bit of sweetener. The mixture is simmered until the Berries juice comes out and the Berries are soft. You can make them using fresh or frozen Berries.

This one here is my Banana Oatmeal with Stewed Berries, the main reason why I make my Stewed Berries. They certainly give a nice flavor to the oatmeal, it taste great, and I have to say this, they really look pretty.

Small Batch Stewed Berries By SweetnSpicyLiving
Banana Oatmeal with Stewed Berries

This one here is another MUST use of Stewed Berries. I love using them to make Stewed Berries Sundae. A simple vanilla ice cream and spoonful of this Stewed Berries never failed to make me get another scoop of ice cream.

Stewed Berry Sundae
Stewed Berries Sundae

Where to Use Stewed Berries?

I’ve shown some ideas in the video on where I had used this before. I’ve used it  for pancakes, ice cream, cakes, oatmeal and french toast. My most favorite use for this more than anything else is for oatmeal, which was the main reason why I make it. This is such a simple and versatile recipe, and a good way to fancy up your food.  

This one here in the photo is my Mini Dutch Baby Pancake, coming soon. I made a video for this and used the Stewed Berries to top the pancake. It really worked well with pancakes.

Small Batch Stewed Berries
Mini Dutch Baby Pancake


  • 2 cups Frozen or Fresh Mix Berries
  • 2 tablespoon Honey
  • Pinch of Salt


 In a pan, add mix Berries, honey (or any sweetener that you want) and pinch of salt. Cook for 7 – 10 minutes in medium heat or until the Berries juice has come out. Transfer in a jar and let cool completely before covering. Store in the refrigerator.

Stewed Berries
Beets Chocolate Cake

This Stewed Berries are great for adding a nice touch of fruity flavor on cakes. I used this for my Beets Chocolate Cake and I really love how it gave the cake a nice sweet and tangy taste that compliment well with my homemade whipped cream frosting

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