Easy Poached Eggs

There are several ways to cook eggs, the most common and popular methods are fried and scrambled or even hard-boiled. I guess because they are easy to prepare and you cannot go wrong with these methods. The other one that is not as popular as those three, is the  Poach method.


If you are familiar with Eggs Benedict, the method it uses for the egg is poaching. Poaching do not use any butter or oil, just water. Yes, just water. The eggs are cooked in simmering water. Less fats, and the eggs taste fresher. Poach eggs are perfect for Eggs Benedict and of course, for my Avocado, Hummus and Egg Toast. Look at how gorgeous this Poached egg!

Avocado, Egg & Hummus Toast

It takes practice to be able to poached egg perfectly, but as the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Once you get the hang of doing this method, you will see that it is not as difficult as it seems. Sometimes looks could be deceiving. Just because it looks so beautiful doesn’t mean it’s difficult to make. Let me walk you through egg poaching , Let’s get started!


  • 6 cups Water – more or less depending on the size of pan you are using
  • Eggs


  • Use large pan, enough for the egg/s to be fully submerge. Do not over crowd the eggs when cooking.
  • Use fresh egg for best result. Get the eggs from the back rack instead of the one in front.
  • This is where most of us will fall. If you are using eggs that has been in a fridge for days. here’s what you do. BEFORE dropping the egg into the water,  using a ladle , create a swirling motion in the water (Like mixing the water in circular motion), this will hep the egg whites come together as the water continue to move in circular motion. STOP swirling once the egg is in the water.

Instructions :

  1. In a  saucepan,add water and simmer. DO NOT boil. Stop when the water starts to release big bubble.


2. Break a cold egg into a custard cup or small glass bowl. Do not drop directly from the shell, it has more tendency to break.


3. Turn down heat to low heat, and holding cup close to water’s surface, carefully pour egg into water. If you are using eggs that has been in the fridge for days, create a swirling motion in the water BEFORE dropping the egg/s (Refer to tip 2 above). Repeat with another egg. (Be sure you’re using a large enough pan so that eggs don’t touch during cooking.) Cook for 3-5 minutes, if you want a harder yolk, cook longer.


Use a ladle with holes to scoop out the egg out of the water.


Enjoy and eat healthy!

Try it and let me know how it goes. Feel free to share this recipe and let’s get the community to eat healthy!♥

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