Explore USA – Washington, DC : Must See Attractions

Weekend trips to Washington, DC kept me entertained while I was away from home for few weeks. We were in Reston, Virginia and Washington is just a train away, around 45 minutes direct or 1 1/2 with stops. We went back to Washington 4 times and we visited almost all the favourite stops in Smithsonian area where the museums are mostly located. A visit to the museum alone took us whole day, and that’s not even spending so much time in every museum. It was a huge place for museums and so I dedicated a separate post just for that.

Must see attractions in Washington, DC

Although museums are great place to visit, I always favored outdoor attractions. I like to walk and take photos, this is something that is very relaxing and therapeutic to me. Everyday looks different depending on the weather and activities happening in the area. There are also different locations and angle wherein I was able to take photos and gave the same focus different composition and style.

Things to do in Washington, DC

One of the famous landmark in Washington is the Capitol Building. I had always taken a photo of this from far away, but on our last visit, we had a chance to get closer. The photo above was taken right in front of Capitol Building, it was even more beautiful and mesmerizing.

Attractions in Washington DC, Region

Night time is also a good chance to photograph the Capitol Building. Night shots has a different kind of appeal to me. Although you cannot see the details as much as the day time, the lights in the building gave a different look. Sometimes I even find night shots more interesting and mesmerizing.

Washinton DC Must-DOs

I love this shot! This was taken from the terrace of the Library of Congress. The cloud formation and the vibrant colors of the grass gave a nice effect in this photo.

Things to do in Washinton, DC

This shot was taken in the center field of Smithsonian Institution grounds.

Attraction in  Washington, DC

The Library of Congress is also a must see place. It was Sunday when we went there, so we were not able to go inside the building. I love the architecture of this building, reminds me of the structures in Rome.


Library of Congress front view

The White House is another most visited place, although you cannot get close to it. This is the closest that we got. This photo was taken from the back side of the building.

Visit Washinton DC

The Monument is very hard to miss. The landmark is visible in most of the places we’ve visited. I love that it looks different depending on where you are taking the photo.

Free things to do in Washington, DC

This shot was taken in the center field of Smithsonian Institution grounds.

Day Tour in Washinton, DC

This shot was taken close to the Botanical Garden area.

Budget Travel in Washington, DC

This night shot was taken from Lincoln Memorial area.


The Monument from Lincoln Memorial view

There are definitely a lot of things you can do in Washington, DC. I encourage you to do the outdoor stuff as much as the museums. Outdoors are nice way to get some fresh air and enjoy the nature.  Until my next travel adventure. This is SweetNSpicy, your travel buddy.

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