Explore British Columbia – Richmond: Britannia Heritage Shipyard: Blast from the past!

Welcome to Britannia Shipyard!♥

Britannia Shipyard, Richmond BC

Location: 5180 Westwater Dr, Richmond, BC V7E 6P3
Website:  http://www.richmond.ca/culture/sites/britannia/about.htm
Hours of operation: 

  • Winter: Oct 1 – April 31: Monday – Sunday 12:00
  • Summer: May 1 – Sept 30: Monday – Sunday 11:00 am – 6:00 pm

Entrance Fee: No

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

I thought I’ve seen it all until I stumbled on this precious Britannia Shipyard in Richmond BC. I lived in Richmond since I came here to Canada, and I can say that I’ve seen almost all the recommended tourist attractions. Being on my own gave me the opportunity to go whenever I want to, wherever I want to go. Although the transit system is fairly good, and most places are accessible if not walkable, there are still a lot of place that are hidden and tucked away from the crowd, just like Britannia Shipyard.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

The place was hidden in a place where most people will not see unless you know the place. I decided to stopped by in this area when I was out on my bike ride. It was along the scenic biking route, so I thought why not visit it. I passed by it, and I totally missed it. Not that I am good at direction, actually I am the worst. Often times I was amazed on how skillful I am on getting lost, but the  good thing is I always find my way in the end. So, all ends well.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

The second round I did, I finally found it. It was kind of hidden, and the signage is very old and not noticeable. I was told that I am not the only one who had problems locating the place. Well, that’s a consolation, although I bet even if this is a place that is easy to find I will still get lost finding it.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

Anyway, I am glad I was patient enough looking for it. It was a good find, a very nice view of nature and a trip back in time. Britannia Shipyard was designated as National Historic Site in 1992 by the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board. The place still have old buildings that date back 1885, which tells story about multi-ethnic residents and workers of the shipyard. Some of the building were used now as museums, and some as workshops for restoration and building of boats. Walk with me and let me show you around. Let’s get started!

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

Entrance to the Shipyard

Pay close attention when you are looking for the sineage. As I had mentioned before, it is not as visible and it is a little bit old and rundown. This small wooden door is the entrance to the shipyard.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

Britannia Shipyard

This is the Britannia Shipyard building, quite huge and spacious.


Britannia Shipyard Museum

There are some display, but do not expect too much. Half of the building is empty but I was told that sometimes they used this place as venue for weddings. I am thinking maybe something like a Maritime wedding theme.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

Murakami House

This small house showcase the traditional japanese house in the shipyard.


Living in the Shipyard

DSC_0881Britannia Heritage Shipyard

These are stilt houses, still in good condition. This is also the area where the information center is located.

Britannia Heritage Shipyard

It was like stepping back in time when I was in this place. The old houses, buildings and museums, the boats and the marshland gave the surrounding a different feel. What I like best in this place is it is very peaceful, I feel closer to nature just walking in the board walk and watching boats and birds.

DSC_0819Britannia Heritage Shipyard

It was worth a stop, definitely. If you are visiting Richmond and you are driving, you can add this in your itinerary either before or after you visit at Steveston Village. The London Heritage Farm is few minutes away from this place, check it out. It is another heritage site, more like an old house that was now converted in a tea house. I will have a separate post for this place, stay tuned.

Britannia Heritage ShipyardJUMD9527

Well, this is it, the end of another interesting day for me. I hope you had a good time traveling back in time for few minutes. Until my next adventure. This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy.

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