Explore British Columbia – Richmond: Tea time at London Heritage Farm, an 1890’s Historical Site

Welcome to London Heritage Farm!♥


Location:  6511 Dyke Rd, Richmond, BC V7E 3R3, Canada
Website: http://londonheritagefarm.ca/news/
Hours of operation: every day from dawn to dusk
Entrance Fee: By donation

Let’s keep the history alive

The existance of Heritage Farm depends heavily on the number of people who visit the place. They need more people to visit the site to get funding for maintenance and to keep the place running. Help me help them to keep the history alive by sharing this post to your friends and family. This little act could help them maintain the place and will  make them more visible to people. Pay them a visit if you are within the area and discover exciting details about BC’s History and indulge and relax in the elegant custom of Victorian-themed afternoon tea.

London Heritage Farm

It was slightly overcast and the sun was barely peaking from the clouds. I debated if I wanted to stay tucked in my bed and enjoy the gloomy cold weather, or if should I go out and do something silly? When was the last time that you did something silly, like running or biking on a rainy day? Well, it’s been a long time since I did something like that, maybe it’s time to rekindle the silliness in me.

London Heritage Farm

It was 25 minutes bike ride in a nice scenic and pave road, it was Sunday and the road was still quiet. I biked slow (as always), I enjoyed the feel of cold air in my face, I stopped to admire the view, I took my time despite the fact that the sky is showing a threat of rain. I eventually reached my destination, London Heritage Farm.

London Heritage Farm

London Heritage Farm

London Heritage Farm

London Heritage Farm is a 4.06 acre historical site that overlooks the south arm of Fraser River. The site offers an 1890’s farmhouse that has a Tea Room, Museum and Gift Shop, a beautifully landscaped heritage and memorial garden, and huge lawn with gazebo that can be rented for special occasion like wedding or picnic. From time to time, the site also host events like London Family Farm Day,  Artist Exhibition, Harvest Festival, Autumn Plant Sale and more. Let me show you around.

Farm House

London Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage Farm

The Garden

Features bushes, berries, herbs, perennials, bulbs and more. The garden is ground is being maintained by the City of Richmond, except the heritage and allotment garden. The heritage garden and allotment garden are tended by volunteers.

London Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage Farm

South Lawn and Gazebo

The tables and benches around this area made this and ideal place for picnic. The area is also used for group gatherings, company events and weddings.

London Heritage Farm

Tea Room

Afternoon tea is serve in the lower level of the farm house. The tea room is open all year round (except January), Saturday and Sunday from 12:00pm-5:00pm. The cost is 14.00 per person, for tea and assortment of pastries including homemade scones. 

London Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage Farm

The House period themed rooms

London Heritage FarmLondon Heritage Farm

 Second Floor

London Heritage FarmLondon Heritage Farm

Gift Shop

The farm house have a small tea and gift shop where you buy homemade jam and assortment of tea, hand made soaps, tea time silverware, gift cards, cookie mixes and more.

London Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage FarmLondon Heritage Farm

By the time I was ready to leave, it already started raining. Small drops, nothing to be worried about. Then the rain started pouring down, I was drenched and dripping wet but I was still biking slow. Better be safe than sorry, it was kind of crazy, and silly, but I enjoyed the ride. The important thing, before I knew it, I was already home sweet home.

London Heritage Farm

Until my next adventure. This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy.

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