Explore USA – Washington, DC: Sunset Watch at Washington Memorial Sites

Sunset maybe the end of the day but it also signals the coming of a new day. Another day, another opportunity.

Sunset at Washington Memorial Park

One of my favorite activity to do when I am on vacation is to watch sunset. I always find sunset very relaxing, peaceful and beautiful. I love the different colors in the sky and the effect it gave to the surrounding. It has this dramatic and calming effect to me.


We got lucky when we were in Washington, DC. We were blessed with a beautiful weather in most of the weekends that we were there, that gave us the opportunity to do outdoor stuff along with indoor activities like visiting museums. In my post Must See Attractions In Washington DC, I shared places that I thought you should see when you pay Washington DC a visit. All of those that I mentioned in that post were located close to each other so it is very convenient and easy to check them.

Washington DC

It is very easy to get distracted will all the many activities and attractions that you can see in Washington DC, so quite a lot of times even I forget to take time to stop and just relax. If you can find time to watch the sunset, I encourage you to do it.  The view was amazing and it’s never the same everyday.

lincolnmemorial10Jefferson Memorial Site

My favorite spot to watch the sunset was in Jefferson Memorial area. It was the perfect spot which was even made even more mesmerizing with the surrounding water and the reflection of the sunset on the water. The silhouette of the Memorial dome, and the trees and branches are just so beautiful. This shot was taken from the left side of the Jefferson Memorial. From this area, you can see the memorial dome with the sunset as the backdrop.


This one was taken inside the Jefferson Memorial dome from the inside facing the water. I wished I had more time to stay there to just sit and enjoy the view.

sunset-at-reflecting-pool-lincoln-memorialWashington Memorial Sites

This was taken from the other side of Jefferson Memorial. This is a great spot to capture the Jefferson Memorial from a far with the view of the trees reflecting the pool. The main cover was taken by a friend of mine and 2 of the other photos in this blog, it couple of shots but we finally got it!


I like the dramatic effect that these branches gave the photo. Although it was blocking the partial view of the dome, it view from the eyes of somebody watching it behind the branches.


This photo was taken in front of the Jefferson Memorial. I was standing a little away to get the full view of the dome from the outside. We spent quite a lot of time visiting museums and famous Washington landmarks. We walked all day, and so ending the day to watch the sunset was something that I really looked forward to. Sunset watch is my way to wind down after a busy day. Sunset maybe the end of the day but it also signals the coming of a new day. Another day, another opportunity.

Jefferson Memorial Washinton DC

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      • You’re welcome 🙂 It shows that you love it. Blogging has taught me that I have a lot to learn about photography. And I appreciate the art that others are able to capture and create on camera 🙂

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