Explore USA – Pennsylvania: Hershey’s World, My Kind of World!

Welcome to the World of Chocolates!

Location:  101 Chocolate World Way, Hershey, PA 17033, USA
Website: https://www.hersheys.com/chocolateworld/en_us.html
Hours of operation:  Almost everyday 9am – 5:00pm. Click on Hours of Operation for more details.
Entrance Fee: No

I was in heaven!! How could I not be when I was surrounded with chocolates every where I looked.

Hersheys World

Hershey’s World was one of the stops that we did when we went to Pennsylvania, USA. It was a stop over, but for me that was the main activity for the day that I looked forward to. A visit to a chocolate factory outlet is something that I would not say no to. In fact, I was hoping we could stay a little bit longer, sadly we had a full packed schedule for the day so I had to grab whatever I want as fast as I can. So let me tell you quickly what’s waiting for you at Hershey’s World, on top of the mountains and mountains of chocolates.

Hersheys World of Chocolate

It’s all about chocolates, lots of them!

I expected nothing less but chocolates and more chocolates and I tell you, it exceeded my expectations. The Hershey’s World, although almost anything have something to do with chocolates also offers other activity (still related to chocolate). When I first heard of it, I was thinking of just shops full of chocolates and nothing more. You know like a factory outlet for chocolates, and that’s it. Surprisingly, they have more than that.

Hersheys Factory Pennsylvannia USA

Shop to your heart’s content

Shopping for chocolates and souvenirs like shirts, mugs, key chains, shirts, sweaters and more are the main reason why tourist (like me) visit this place. Why else will I visit a chocolate factory outlet if I am not interested in any  of those things (speaking just for myself). Shopping was the main thing that most visitors do in this place and which was what I did too. I did not buy a lot, although I wanted to because of the weight of it. I wish I had more space in my luggage, but sadly I did not. Besides I told myself, we also have plenty of Hershey’s chocolate in Canada. I guess it was just the overwhelming feeling of seeing a lot of it at the same place, and the feeling of being a tourist that got me excited. I bought few bags of chocolates and some souvenir items.

Hersheys World Pennsylvania

Chocolate Tour: Take a peak of how they make chocolates

Squeeze this in please! However in a hurry you are, I suggest you find time to squeeze in the Hershey’s Chocolate Tour. It’s FREE, runs continuously and last for only 30 minutes. This short tour will certainly complete the experience of your visit to this place, even more than the experience of shopping or eating. I mean, you can buy Hershey’s chocolate almost anywhere now, but the short tour that showed the step by step process of how they made chocolates. You can probably see that on YouTube, but why watch online when you can actually have the personal experience of seeing it there?

Hersheys World of Chocolate Pennsylvania

I would say this was the highlight of my visit. There is a revolving trolley where you can hop on, sits 2 per chair. The trolley will take you around the factory, in every stage of the chocolate making process. From screening, bean blending, roasting, breaking, milling, pressing, milk and sugar mixing, central blending, drying, refining, conching and finally packaging and shipping. Whew! That was a long process compress in 30 minutes tour.

Hersheys Chocolate Tour Pennsylvania

And so many more!

Once done with shopping and chocolate tour, stop by at their Hershey’s Bakery Shop where you can enjoy freshly baked desserts and sweet treats like cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cakes and hand-dipped treats like strawberries. Perhaps you want to make your own candy bars (for a fee), and don’t skip the chocolate tasting experience (for a fee) or have a 4D chocolate mystery experience (for a fee).

Hersheys Factory Outlet Pennsylvannia USA

It was a short and sweet visit, but it was worth the stop. If you happen to be in the area, stop by at Hershey’s Chocolate World and be transported in the world of chocolates.

Hersheys World of Chocolate at Pennsylvania USA

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