[VIDEO] Explore British Columbia – Richmond: Let’s Go Biking: Scenic Bike Ride at West Dyke Trail

Let’s Go Biking! Welcome to West Dyke Trail

West Dyke Trail Richmond

There are few places where I like to ride my bike, and most of them are within my area. I don’t have yet the guts to bike in downtown area so I am staying in my territory. Summer is always the best way to go biking, and I don’t even need any motivation to do it because I love it. In fact, I always find an excuse to go biking if I can. I don’t mind waking up early (6:am) to have a good head start especially on a weekends. Although day light is longer during the summer, I always find it more relaxing and safe to bike when there’s not a lot of cars and people on the road. There are quite a lot of biking route in Richmond BC, and I had picked my favorite routes to share in my blog. The Iona National Park is one that I shared last year. This time, I’m sharing with you another one of my favorite route, let’s check it out!

Cycling in Richmond BC West Dyke

Let the Biking Begin!

Last year was the first year that I learned that I know how to ride a bike. Yes, I didn’t know for the longest time that I actually know how to ride a bike until I tried it. So last year I went crazy biking during the summer trying to make up for the time lost. I cannot turn back time but I can still make the most of the time that I have now, and so for this second year, I had planned a series of biking trips with my friends to make the most of the summer. First on out list was this West Dyke Trail in Richmond, BC. We started this route last year but we never got the chance as a group to finish it end to end because we run out of day light time, summer finished too soon faster than we can ever imagined. So to start of this years biking activity, we started to where we left of last year and we did the West Dyke over the weekend.

West Dyke Trail Richmond BC Canada

About this Trail

Cycling West Dyke at Richmond BC

Bird Watching

The West Dyke Trail is a scenic bike route trail that is about 9km long from xxx to xxx. It has its own off the rode dedicated bike lane with amazing view of the water and planes taking off. Along the way is a popular stop among bikers and birds photographers where it is nice to watch a colony of birds flying and scattered along the area. This is also the first rest stop with washroom, drinking fountain and few picnic tables and benches.

West Dyke Trail Birds Watch

Terra Nova Park

Close to the  bird watch  area is the kids park, “Tera Nova Park”. Although this is a kids park, I like to walk around to take photos and just rest. I have a favorite spot in this park which is the top of the small hill where the kids slide is located. From that angle, I can see the entire park and the bike road along the scenic view of mountains. The photo below was taken from that spot.

Tera Nova Park at Richmond BC Canada

Ready, Get, Set, GO!

If thought we’ve already started the West Dyke Trail, you are wrong. All those things that I showed you above are just the path that leads to the West Dyke Trail, more like a teaser of the best things that are yet to come. If you think those views were amazing, wait until you enter the trail.  The entrance to the trail starts right after the Tera Nova Park, and from there its 5 km to Garry Point Park, its not the end but you can stop up to that point and turn back if you want to. If you wish to continue, I’ll tell you later what even greater things awaits you.

West Dyke Trail Starting Point Richmond BC

This route has enough pit stop, so you don’t have to hold it until the end of the ride. Isn’t that confirming to know? We all know when nature calls, you just have to go. Although the trail rode is unpaved, it is still a fun ride to go for. It’s not a busy trail, only few bikers and from time to time just few people walking the path. Bring your snack and enjoy the scenery while you sit in the many stop over benches.

Biking at West Dyke Trail

It’s totally out of cars way, the trail view is fantastic, and at the end of the trail, there’s a treat waiting for you. Do you want to know what it is?  

Treats at the End of the Trail

Pajos Fish & Chips

So far the BEST fish and chips in the Steveston area is Pajos Fish & Chips. This kiosk is only open during the summer season and a popular place for locals and tourist to hang out. They have 2 stores in Steveston area, this one being in Garry Point Park and the other one in Steveston Village. Their fish and chips are really fresh and juicy, they cook it when you order it. Although I don’t  always go there often, a biking trip to West Dyke is  always my reason to stop by at the place.

Pajos Fish and Chips at Richmond BC Canada

Timothy’s Gelato, Sorbet and Ice Cream

No one is leaving without having a gelato from this place, please don’t skip it.  I say I deserve this treat, along with the fish & chips. And to be honest, these two are my additional motivation for doing this route along with another stop that I will mention in awhile. Be ready to use your cash, they don’t accept credit card of any type so be prepare to have some cash with you when you go to this place. The last thing you want is to drool over looking at those delicious creamy frozen desserts.

Timothy's Gelato and Ice Cream at Richmond BC

Continue On

As I’ve mentioned earlier, you can either stop when you reach Garry Point Park and turn back from there. If you want to burn the calories from all the fish and chip and gelato (assuming you had them) then I suggest continue on, there’s more waiting not to far away. Check these posts out to see what else is there to see.

This alone is something that I look forward to when I go biking in this route. What else could I asked for? Fantastic scenic view, dedicated off the road path and best food trip at the end of the road.!


Well, this is the end of the road for me. Until my next travel adventure, this is SweetnSpicyLiving, your travel buddy. Kindly click  on the “Like” button below if you enjoyed this post, or leave me a comment. Thanks!

West Dyke Trail Richmond Biking

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