[VIDEO] Vancouver Food Trip: Cocoa 70 Dippery (Vancouver, BC): Dip It, Sip It, Flip It!

Cocoa 70

After almost 1 month of going back and forth to try all their dipped cone flavors, I finally managed to try them all. Mission accomplished! Now I am ready to share with you my crazy ice cream adventure are Cocoa 70. Let’s watch the video first and then I’ll walk you through the many flavors we’ve tried in our visit to this place.

 Welcome to Cocoa 70 Dippery ♥

Location: 433 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC V6B1R3
Website: https://cacao70.com/en/our-locations/gastown
Operating Hours: Sunday to Thursday 11AM-10PM; Friday and Saturday 11AM-11PM

Cocoa70 The Peanut Job Combo

Cocoa 70 Dippery at Abbot Street in Vancouver opened September 25, 2017 (Friday), and you wouldn’t believe the line up! It was like a block long and it just keeps on going like crazy.

Cocoa 70 is a bistro that specializes in anything with chocolate desserts, from fondue, to waffles, crepes, shakes and more.  Although they also serve savory items, I often go for the sweet stuff. When I say chocolate, I mean real decadent thick chocolates. This is the kind of chocolate that sticks into your mind once you’ve tried them.

Cocoa 70 2

The first store opened in Montreal and they now have locations in Quebec City, Sherbrooke, Ottawa, Kingston, Toronto and now Vancouver. They have 3 restaurant styles in Vancouver, namely the sit down full restaurant which is the one I featured in my post Coco 70, Pure Chocolate Indulgence!. The grab ‘n’ go concept in North Vancouver is coming soon Spring of 2017. Last but not the least, they have the dippery which I am featuring in this blog.

So again, why the line up? Aside from the fact that they gave away free dipped cone on the opening day, is there other reason why this place is worth visiting?

Cocoa 70 Dippery MenuCocoa 70 Dippery Store


It’s located in downtown Vancouver, although I would have to say not in the best part of downtown. The area is a little bit hidden and not a usual place for a tourist to visit unless you are in the area. It’s not too far from my office, so walking few minutes to get there is not a big deal at all, specially on a nice sunny day. I walked farther just to go to other restaurant or bistro in downtown Vancouver.

Cocoa 70 Dippery Ice Cream

Cocoa 70  Specialty 

This branch specializes in soft served ice cream in a cone and waffles dipped in flavored chocolate of your choice. If you cannot choose between ice cream and waffles, you can get the combo which gives you the taste to both worlds. They also serve coffee, tea and hot chocolate. If you want to have something to take home with you, they also sell chocolate bars, hot chocolate powder, coffee and tea.

Cocoa70 Green Tea.JPG

What Are the Flavors Available?

When it comes to flavor, they got a few selections to choose from. They have matcha, coffee, praline, earl grey, chai, black sesame, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, milk chocolate and peanut butter. There are 2 sizes to choose from: Small (3.75CAD) and large (4.25CAD).

How does it compare to other stores offering dipped cones?

I have to say the quality of the chocolate are hands down great. Its decadent, its thick and it is a real chocolate in every sense of the word.  That is how serious they are when it comes to their chocolate. All their dipping chocolates comes in this thick consistency regardless of the flavor, so whichever flavor you choose, you get to enjoy the true sense of chocolate in every bite. Let me show you what I tried and what I think of them.

Make it a Combo

I knew immediately that I was in trouble the moment I somebody ordered the combo. I don’t think I have to say more, just look a the photos and tell me if that doesn’t spell trouble to you. I don’t see enough whipped cream in this, I should have asked for more, lol.

The Peanut Job Combo

Waffle and mini scoop of soft serve vanilla ice cream, dipped with peanut butter chocolate, caramelized banana, peanut butter cake, whipped cream, pretzel and caramel sauce.

Cocoa70 The Peanut Job Combo

Combo are a combination of dipped cone + waffle and other side treats and toppings like brownie, cakes, banana, nuts and lots and lots of whipped cream. Oh dear, it felt like I was in my “sweets” coma again when I had this combo. They have 6 different combo, I was lucky enough to try 2 of them, more than lucky I should say.  The serving potion was huge!

Cocoa 70 Waffle

The Camp-Out

Waffle and mini scoop of soft serve vanilla ice cream, dipped with milk chocolate, whipped cream, torched marshmallows, brownies and caramel sauce

Cocoa 70 The Camp Out Combo

Waffle, Ice Cream and MORE

Can’t get over with their decadent chocolate? No worries, you can take them home with you, enjoy them at the comfort of your own home and make your own creations. They sell chocolate bars, hot cocoa powder and most of all, those chocolate dip that they use for their ice cream. Can’t make up my mind which one to take home first 🙂

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Thank You for taking the ice cream trip with  me. Until our next food trip adventure, this is SweetNSPicyLiving, your travel buddy.  Bye now, please don’t forget to subscribe.


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