Explore Alberta: Summer High at Sulphur Mountain, Banff

Summer at Banff Alrberta

If you think Banff is breathtaking and beautiful during winter, wait till you see it during summer. In my Winter at Banff post, I showed you the snowy and freezing cold Sulfur Mountain at Banff. In this post, I’m going to take you back to the same place, same spot but you will be surprised how different it looks during the summer. 

Banff Alrberta Calgary

I like exploring Alberta during winter because we don’t have much snow in Vancouver and I don’t get I live it everyday anyway. It’s a totally different perspective being just a visitor and experiencing mountain of snow for few days, as compared to actually living the life where almost everyday there is snow falling on the ground. If you are not used to snow, seeing it the first time is always an exciting and memorable experience, but having to deal with it everyday, it’s a total nightmare. That’s me talking and we don’t even get that much snow here, about 2-3 times a year as compared to 5-6 months every year in other provinces of Canada.

Banff Alberta

But as I said, seeing Banff during the winter is a memorable experience, after all what is visiting Alberta without experiencing the snow. However memorable it was, there is nothing like visiting Banff during summer. The experience and appreciation were totally in a different level. I get to enjoy the place more, I was able to take my time walking and hiking the wooden stairs leading to the Sulphur Mountain. I got the chance to stop more and admire the stunning view. On top of that, I’m not bundled up in layers and layers of clothing, just something comfortable for a nice breezy walk.

Sulfur Mountain at Banff Alberta

This one here is one of the look-out area. Most of the time this area is crowded with people, I just got lucky that the space was empty when we get there so I took the opportunity to get the shot. After that, people started coming in to have their photo taken.

Sulfur Mountain at Banff Alberta Calgary

We were able to stay at the top longer as compared when we went up there during the winter. I remembered having to hurry back to go down because my face and hands started to get numb from the cold. During the summer, it’s  just like a very relaxing walk in the park.

Banff Alrberta Canada

If you truly want to enjoy Banff, I would suggest go there during the summer time, between June – August. September is still ok, but it will start to get cold because sometimes snow fall starts by October. If you are visiting Banff, add Lake Louise to your itinerary so that it’s worth the long drive. You can do both in one day just start your day early so that you are there by the time it opens. Exploring the nature of Alberta during Summer is like being in a paradise. Everything is lush and green, and the water are crystal clear with multiple shades of blue. It was a truly memorable experience, one that I wouldn’t mind doing again and again.

Sulfur Mountain at Banff

I hope that I inspired you to visit Alberta, Canada. Until my next travel adventure, this is SweetNSpicyLiving, your travel buddy.

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