Top 10 SweetNSpicyLiving Recipes for 2018

Happy New Year!!

Few more days and 2018 will be over. This year has been really productive for me and my blog and I couldn’t be more happier on how my blog progress everyday and that’s because of You. So let me personally thank you for subscribing, for reading my blog, for providing feedback, for admiring my food photos and for making recipes. As I count down the remaining days in 2018, and as I reflect on what I have accomplished I thought it would be nice to share with you my top 10 recipes for 2018. These 10 recipes are the most visited and the readers favorite for this year, and maybe one of them are your favorite too. So let’s have a quick look at 2018 top 10 recipes. Let me know which one is your favorite. 


10. Small Batch Basic Sweet Crepe

This simple breakfast recipe managed to sneak in to my top 10 recipe. This crepe recipe is a good base for both sweet and savory crepe.



9. [VIDEO] Small Batch Shortbread Cookies

All year round cookie, although quite a lot of readers love to make this during the holiday season. Its smooth, creamy and buttery.

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Small Batch Shortbread Cookie By SweetNSpicyLiving

8. [VIDEO] Small Batch Pastry Cream – 3 Flavors

This simple and easy recipe captures the heart of many readers, I’m not surprise at all, who doesn’t love simple recipe? From a base Vanilla flavor comes out chocolate and caramel flavors. Choose which one you like, or make all of them.

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Small Batch Pastry Cream

7.[VIDEO] Ube Crinkles Using Homemade Ube Jam

“Ube” or Purple Yam is a common ingredients used in quite a lot of Filipino desserts. This cookie was inspired by my Chocolate Crinkles. This is a soft melt in your mouth kind of cookie.

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Ube Crinkles Recipe

6. [VIDEO] Double Chocolate Banana Bread

Hello Chocolate! Inspired by my Chocolate Chip Banana Bread recipe, this chocolate version is super soft and moist and stay soft even when kept refrigerated. One my my favorite banana recipe.

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Double Chocolate Chip Banana Bread Recipe

5. Small Batch Blueberry Yogurt Muffin 

This Blueberry Muffin is such a simple and easy recipe. So soft and moist and one of my favorite Summer recipe.

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Blueberry Yogurt Muffin by

4. [VIDEO] Small Batch Mini Chiffon Cakes (Filipino Mamon)

A Filipino Chiffon Cake commonly known as Mamon in the Philippines. This cake is super soft, light and airy. Perfect for coffee or tea.

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Small Batch Filipino Sponge Cake

3. [VIDEO] How to Make Chocolate Ganache Without Heavy Cream

This was the first official video that I posted for my blog. It was a 1 minutes video, quick and easy Chocolate Ganache using MILK!

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How to make Chocolate Ganache without heavy cream

2. [VIDEO] Small Batch Flakey Empanada Dough

This came out as a surprise to me, but I was happy to see this in my top 2 most visited recipe fro 2018. This empanada dough is one of a kind, and not the usual way of making empanada dough. Check out the video to see what made this different from regular empanada dough.

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Empanada Dough

1. [VIDEO] Small Batch Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

And the no 1 place goes to a frosting recipe. This recipe ranks the first not only for this year but even last year. This is a small batch recipe, perfect for cakes, pipes really well, and it is not too sweet. Check it out and see why readers are loving this recipe. There`s a bonus clip at the end on how to decorate cupcakes.

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Simple Vanilla Buttercream Frosting at

Thank You and Happy New Year to All!  

2018 Top 10 Recipes

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