Meat Free Monday: Panko Crusted Tofu & Bokchoy Fried Rice Bowl

This Panko Crusted Tofu & Bokchoy Fried Rice Bowl is a vegetarian dream rice bowl. As simple as it looks, this rice bowl is bursting with amazing sweet, salty and spicy flavor. The fried rice has a nice kick of heat and loaded with fresh bokchoy. The soft tofu was perfectly seasoned and baked to perfection until the panko crust was crispy and nicely browned. Served with homemade sesame teriyaki garlic sauce, this rice bowl taste as good as it looks.

Baked Panko Crusted Sesame Tofu and Bokchoy Fried Ricce Bowl

If you have been following my blog, you are probably familiar (or not) with this recipe, that is because this recipe is a combined force of my favorite fried rice and tofu dish. I just cannot helped myself but share this with you to show you how good this two together, it was absolutely delicious! I make this two dish separately a lot of times because they are good on its own, they can stand alone and still taste delicious but there is nothing like the combination of this two. I would say match made in heaven. The spicy vegetable loaded fried rice paired well with the sweet and salty sesame teriyaki garlic sauce and the soft baked crusted tofu is just so dreamy, it’s just to good. If you are new to this recipe and haven’t seen these two in my blog, let me tell you a little bit something about it. The full recipe for both are in the link below as I do not want to repeat the entire recipe in this posts. Please check each separate recipe to get full details, ingredients and instructions. It is worth it, promise you will fall in love with it as soon as you see how good they are.

Tofu Teriyaki Rice Bowl

The BEST Baked Panko Crusted Tofu

They look perfect and beautiful but do not be deceived by the look, it is actually very simple to make this tofu dish. I used medium soft tofu because I feel that the kind of texture is perfect for this kind of recipe. The most that you will do is to make the breading mixture which is a combination of panko bread crumbs and mix of different spices. The key here is to use panko bread crumbs instead of regular bread crumbs to get the flaky coating look, and to get the crunchy coating. Once done with the breading mixture, go ahead and coat the tofu with the breading. I like to spray or toss the tofu in olive oil so that it is wet enough for the breading to stick. Then goes into the oven for baking. You can start making the fried rice while you wait for the tofu to bake. GET THE FULL RECIPE HERE better yet, watch how I made it.

Crispy Panko Crusted Tofu

Simply delicious Bokchoy Fried Rice

Now it is time to make the fried rice. I prefer using long grain basmati rice when making fried rice but you can rice rice that you prefer. You can even use leftover rice to make this fried rice. I find that using leftover fried rice was better than using newly cooked rice because leftover rice tends to have less moisture in them, they are a bit dry which makes a good fried rice. But then again, you do not have to wait to have leftover rice to make this. If you use long grain Basmati rice, this kind of rice is not sticky when cooked, it is more loose which makes it good for fried rice. Just give it a time to rest so that the steam and extra moisture evaporates. I have few important tips when making fried rice and the full details and instruction to make this. GET THE FULL RECIPE HERE

Bokchoy Rice

Don’t get mad at me for not re-posting the ingredients and instructions of these two recipe, I just thought since I have separate posts for them then it is better to just reference them, this way you get the full details. Just click on these two links and you will be directed to the recipe.



  1. Make the Panko Cursted Tofu
  2. Make the Bokchoy Fried Rice
  3. Serve: Transfer the fried rice in a bowl and top with baked crusted tofu. Pour the sauce on top of have it on the side. You can also coat the baked tofu with the sauce, toss until the tofu is fully coated.

Serves 2- 3

Baked Panko Crusted Tofu and Bokchoy Fried Ricce Bowl

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