Explore Alberta: Step into the world of Hoodoos at Drumheller Valley

The Hoodoos of Drumheller Valley, Alberta

Today were going to continue our Explore Alberta series. There’s so much to see in Alberta, and what I’ve seen are only few among the many other breathtaking view and attractions there. Banff, Lake Louise, Jasper are among the top ones, but there are also not do known places that are unbelievable and mesmerizing like Canmore. Oftentimes, small attractions are neglected because people tend to prioritize on the main ones which makes sense especially If you only have limited time to visit the place. I’ve been going back and forth in Alberta and I’m lucky that I have good friends there that knows best the places to visit, main and the not so famous but beautiful attractions like Hoodoos.

The Hoodoos of Drumheller Valley, Alberta Canada

What is Hoodoos?

According to wikipedia, A hoodoo is a tall, thin spire of rock that protrudes from the bottom of an arid drainage basin or badland. Hoodoos typically consist of relatively soft rock topped by harder, less easily eroded stone that protects each column from the elements. They generally form within sedimentary rock and volcanic rock formations

Drumheller Hoodoos Trail

We stayed there about 1 hour, not more than that. The uneven stone formations are the only thing to see there and 1 hour is enough for us to admire the view and take as much photo as we like. This is a good item to add when you visit Drumheller so that you see more than 2 attraction and its worth the time driving up to the museum. Hoodoos was definitely a nice sight to see just as another stopover site, but not the main attraction to visit. It’s quite far, and there’s nothing much to do there, no restaurants, shops or even restrooms. It’s like being in a deserted place, which is true. I wouldn’t be able to visit this place if no because of my friends, so special thank goes to them. 

The Hoodoos of Drumheller Valley

We visited Hoodoos the same day we went to Drumheller, the dinosaur  museum. I have to say this, I was totally impressed with this stone formations, it was like I was transported into a different place. Although I wouldn’t probably go there just for this place because it’s really far, but making it a stop over after visiting the main attraction was a wise decision. If you happen to be in that area, find time to visit it. It’s worth it! 

Drumheller Hoodoos

I guess this is it for now. I hopefully enjoyed our short trip to Hoodoos. Until my next travel adventure. This is SweetNspicyLiving, your travel buddy.

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