[VIDEO] Explore Philippines: Explore Bohol Attractions in 1 Day

Welcome to  Bohol, The City of Chocolate Hills♥♥ and MORE!

Just because you don’t have much time to spend doesn’t mean you cannot enjoy Bohol. If 4 days is all that you have, and you want to see main attractions and still enjoy the beautiful island of Bohol then let me give you some idea on how to spend 4 Days in Bohol. Let’s start by watching a short video about this trip. We spent 1 whole day checking the tourist attractions and 3 full days in a beach resort. In this post, I am just showing the attractions we visited for 1 day, and a separate post is coming for our 3 days at Hennan Beach Club resort.

So what do you think? Not bad for a 1 day sight seeing right?  I would say 1 day is enough to see the must see attractions, then after that you can enjoy, relax and pamper yourself in beautiful beach resorts in Bohol. I had all the attractions we’ve visited summarized in this blog just to give you an idea. Let’s take a look at them.

Where To Stay in Bohol for 1 Day Sightseeing Tour

There are a lot of options on where you can stay in Bohol, but if you are interested to see the main attractions  and spend some relaxing time at the beach, my suggestion is to stay at Ocean Suites Hotel as they are pretty close to main attractions.  Then for the remainder of the trip, if you just want a relaxing time at the beach you can transfer in a beach resort. We stayed at Hennan Bohol  Beach Club for the remaining 3 days. Here is a short video of the Ocean Suites Resort.

Attractions to See

We planned our sight-seeing on the first day of our trip so that we can have more time relaxing at Hennan Beach Resort. Bohol attractions are quite far so the best way to see places in Bohol is to rent a van which is what we did. We rented the van for the whole day and with a very polite and helpful driver we were able to see the attractions in our list. We couldn’t ask for anyone else, Francis was indeed the best driver. He was more than just a driver, he even helped us get tickets for the Loboc lunch and also offered to take photos for use several times. We started our journey from Ocean Suites Resort, and here is how it goes.

Loboc River Lunch Cruise, is it worth it?

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: 450 PHP (about 11 CAD)
Loboc River Floating Resto

Loboc is a municipality in Bohol city which is famous for well-known Loboc river. Lunch at Loboc River was the first item in our itinerary because it was already lunch time when we finished our check-in at the hotel. There were a lot of people waiting for their turn, and we had to wait for about 30 minutes which is not too bad considering the many people already lined up when we got there. The lunch cruise along the Loboc River was for 1 hour and it featured different kind Filipino foods and dessert.


There was entertainment on board, and during the half hour of the cruise, the boat stopped for people to watch a short Filipino cultural dance show. The portion I showed in the video here is only partial, I have a not edited full video of the show here in my You Tube channel if you are interested to see it. The performers danced “Tinikling”, a traditional Filipino folk dance which involves  2 people tapping and sliding bamboo poles on the ground while 1 or 2 dancers tried to step over in between the bamboo poles. It was quite impressive how fast the movement of their feet.

Loboc Cruise Bohol

Is It Worth It

This activity is one of the top things to do in Bohol, so the question is, “Is it worth it?”. For the sake of experience, I would say “Yes”, but it is not something that I would be doing again. It was ok, but it was not great and not something outstanding for me to recommend to other people. Just don’t set your expectation too high, specially with the quality of the food served on-board because that is definitely a big area that they can improve on. So don’t beat yourself too hard if you don’t have time to do this, you are not missing that much.

A 2 km Mahogany Man-Made Forest

  • Duration: 10 – 15 minutes
  • Price: Free
Mahogany Forrest Bohol Philippines

Located in the border of Loboc and Bilar towns is a 2 kilometer stretch of densely planted Mahogany trees along the road. Let’s make it clear, you’re not going inside a forest, and it is not an entire man-made forest at all. It’s an area along the road where planted Mahogany tress of almost the same height forms an arched. It is quite a famous quick stop for tourist heading to Tarsier viewing and Chocolate Hills. There is really no designated area to stop there, it’s an open road and so people wanting to take photo will have to be very careful especially when taking a shot in the middle of the road, which is basically the best location to get a shot of the tall leaning trees. You wouldn’t need a lot of time here, we stopped only for 10 minutes maybe 15 tops, there’s nothing much to photograph,  the challenge is to wait for the road to clear to get a good shot.

Tarsier, the tiny big eye creature

  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Price: 50 PHP (about 1.50 CAD)
Bohol City Tarsier
Tarsier at Bohol Tarsier Conservation Area

A visit to Bohol wouldn’t be complete without paying Tarsier a visit, at least that’s what I heard. This was our 3rd stop in our itinerary and I was really excited to see this little big eye creature. The place was not busy when we got there, there was a guide who lead us through the path basically pointing our where the Tarsiers were located. There were only 5 of them that are visible and along the path. They were so small and quite difficult to spot if no one is pointing them to us, aside from being small they actually camouflage with the tree branches so it’s not easy to see them. The walk took only about 10 – 15 minutes as it was a really short walking path. Since they were now considered as endangered species, there is only one dedicated place to hold them, as such they had to be released in the forest which makes it difficult to see them in clear view. Was it worth it? Well, it’s along the way to Chocolate Hills, so why not.  I’d say give it a go just don’t expect too see a lot of them.

Chocolate Hills, Bohol MUST see attraction

  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Price: 50 PHP
Chocolate Hills

Our last and final destination, Bohol’s top tourist attraction, the famous Chocolate Hills located at Carmen Town in Bohol. This is what I considered to be the highlight of all the attractions that we’ve visited and the one that I enjoyed and appreciate the most. Chocolate Hills is NOT a real chocolate. They are small cone shaped hills scattered around the area and they resemble more like chocolate kisses during the dry season. On wet season, the chocolate hills are covered with grass. There are about 1200 plus of this hills spread around the area more than 50 square kilometers. Each hills vary in size which could range between 30 meters to 120 meters in height. The surrounding area is used for corn and rice farming.

Chocolate Hills Carmen Bohol

The Steps that Leads to the Look Out

To get to the viewing platform, you will start by climbing between 200 – 214 steps. Don’t worry, it’s as easy climb. You wouldn’t even notice it because of the magnificent view as you ascend in every step in the stairs. It could be and easy of difficult climb depending on your physical condition. This is also a good spot to take photos so don’t rush it, take your time and admire the view in every step. Once you get to the top, you will realized that it’s worth climbing those stairs, the view was amazing!

Chocolate Hills Philippines
Stairs to Chocolate Hills Bohol

There were 2 levels of viewing platforms and both gave a nice view of the chocolate hills. The lower platform was the favorite spot of most people to take  photos as it looks closer to the chocolate hills. It could get crowded a times as most people wanted to have a photo in the lower platform, so be in stand-by so that you can immediately step in when people starts to clear the area.

Upper Viewing Platform

This is the upper viewing platform, it is larger the the lower level and gave a different angle in the view of the surrounding area. It is also a good spot to watch the sunset in case you decide to stay late.

Sunset Watch at Chocolate Hils

Lower Viewing Platform

The lower viewing platform is the most photograph area, this is the ones that you will find when you search for Chocolate Hills. The area is a lot smaller than the upper platform, but gave a closer feel and better shot of the Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills at Carmen Tagbilaran City
Bohol Chocolate Hills

The side road in the photo, that’s actually the road that lead to the base of the chocolate hills entrance.

Chocolate Hills Bohol

Visiting the Chocolate Hill is doable in 1 – 1/2 hours, but we stayed longer than planned because we waited for the sunset (6:00 pm). There were washroom, restaurant and small souvenir shops close to the ticket area at the base Chocolate Hills parking area. If you like to buy souvenir, be sure to ask what time the shop closes. When we went down past 6:00 pm, the shops were already closed and so we missed the chance to get the souvenir shirts that we wanted to buy.

Sunset Watch

It’s worth the wait, seeing the sunset from the top was such an amazing feeling. It was very quiet as there are only few people left and it was also very relaxing. It was a good way to end our sight seeing as this was the last attraction in our list.

Sunset at Chocolate Hills Viewing Platform
Sunset Watch at Chocolate Hills
Sunset Watch At Chocolate Hills Bohol SweetnSpictLiving.com

Is it worth the travel and time? YES of course. If there is only one attraction that you should visit, choose Chocolate Hills.This was the last itinerary for the day, after this we head back to Ocean Suites Resort for a relaxing evening.

It was a fun-filled full packed day, and that was just the beginning of our vacation, next stop Hennan Beach Resort at Alona Beach, Pangalao Island.

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