Home Sweet Home

To feel homesick when I am away only proves that I have found my real home. A place where I will keep on coming back no matter where I go.

” Amid pleasures and palaces
though we may roam,
Be it ever so humble,
there’s no place like HOME ”


Have you ever been homesick while you’re away on a vacation? Few years ago, I went on a 3 weeks trip to Europe with my friends. A trip I never thought in my wildest dream will ever be possible. We visited quite a lot of places, from Paris (France), Rome, Venice, Florence, Milan and Greece. It was indeed a vacation of a lifetime, and 3 weeks seems to be not enough (at least that was what I thought). We visited tourists attractions, we tried different foods, we did a lot of walking like you wouldn’t believe. We woke up early and retired almost late at night.

Eiffel Tower

We were all very excited to see whatever we can and we tried to squeeze in as much attractions that we can visit as possible. We kept moving from one attraction to another, and to another, to the point that the churches and statues lost its appeal to me. They became just an ordinary sight to me. There were a LOT of walking, but I survived. Thank goodness I wore comfortable shoes otherwise I won’t last a day with all the running that we did, not to mention the dragging of suitcase in the flight of stairs trying to catch the train. That experience was exhausting, nerve wracking but at some point, hilarious. It felt like we were in amazing race trying to find what’s next in our list.


On the second week, we’re still on track, kuddos to my amazing race travel buddies, you know who you are dear friends. By the third and final week, we were up to Greece, the top destination in our itinerary (speaking only for myself). I always had this in my bucket list, and so it was really a dream come true being able to see that place. The turquoise water, the signature blue dome in the  buildings and the Mediterranean cuisine that gave me the push to have this in our itinerary. Let us not forget those movie scenes in Mama Mia (have you seen that movie?) that made this place in my bucket list. I saved the best for last, but I wished I had the same energy and excitement that I had during the first week of the trip.

Tea Light Paris

By the time it was Greece turn, I was so exhausted and tired. I started to miss home. I told myself, “This can’t be happening”, not when we are in Santorini, Greece. But sadly it did. There were times that I felt somewhat homesick, although the place was amazing and breathtakingly beautiful, I cannot stop but look forward to going home. To sleep in my own bed, to have my own homemade breakfast, to cook my own lunch, to enjoy my homemade freshly baked cookies, to just sit and relax. Most importantly to see my friends again, and be home. Maybe 3 weeks was pushing it too much.

Rome bridge

The challenged I faced when visiting new place for the first time is the thought that I had to see everything I can in the days that I have. Making the most of it means running around and losing the simple joy of sitting in a cafe to have tea while I enjoy my dessert. Missing the opportunity of admiring the colorful sunset while it reflects on the water, or the experience of slowly walking the alley and side streets and be surprised to find places not in my itinerary. Little by little, I started to realize the value of enjoying simple pleasures of life, TIME. Enough relax time for myself, for my family for my friends.  


This is still a battle that I had been fighting whenever I plan my vacation, but I’m working on it and I had been making progress, a good start I would say. I started allocating what I call my “lazy time” whenever I travel. Basically, doing nothing, not rushing to any place. Just sitting somewhere comfortable, doing whatever I feel like doing. Like having my tea, eating dessert, checking photos, sometimes even writing my vacation blog, and watching sunset if weather permits.  It felt good, I liked it. It is still a work in progress, but I’m getting there.


Although I hoped that I didn’t felt that homesickness while I was in Santorini, I realized that it was not a bad thing at all. To feel homesick when I am away only proves that I have found my real home. A place where I will keep on coming back no matter where I go. Those beautiful turquoise water, the mesmerizing towers, the grand museums, the huge lush parks, the iconic landmarks and statues, the different new cuisines, they were all temporary.

Paris Museum

I had visited quite a lot of places I never thought I would see. I traveled with friends and I’ve traveled solo a lot of times. I’ve seen beautiful places that I usually just see in post cards. But you know what? None of them felt like home to me. There were all nice and exciting for a vacation, in the end, it is comforting to know that after visiting all those places, I have a place I could call home. I am finally “Home Sweet Home“.

Solo Traveling

So, have you experienced being homesick when on vacation? Leave me a comment, I would love to hear your stories too.

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