Inspired Post: You Are Not Young Forever, So Make The Most of Every Minute

Take time to read stories to your kids
Read as many books, magazines, letters and cards
Watch movies, plays, concerts and all sort of performances
Go out and appreciate the beauty of nature
For time will come that doing all this will be difficult for you
Because You Are Not Young Forever

Walk whenever you can
Run if you feel like running
Climb if you feel like hiking
Use the stairs every moment that you can
For time will come that you would not even be able to take 3 steps even if you want to
Because You Are Not Young Forever

Listen, and Listen well
Pay attention to your surroundings
Listen to the natural sound of nature
Listen to music
Listen to people talking
Listen to the noise around you
Appreciate every moment of it
Don’t complain of the noise of the ambulance or the baby crying
For time will come that you will not even be able to make sense o what people are saying even if they are shouting
Because You Are Not Young Forever

Reach for things
Use your hands
Don’t always rely on other people to do things for you
For Time will come that even the object in front of you will be I reachable
Because You Are Not Young Forever

Go out as see as many places as you can
Ride your bike
Swim and enjoy the water
For time will come that you will even be able to walk to go to the washroom
Because You are not young forever

Talk and mean what you say
Tell people how much you appreciate them
Give words of encouragement
For time will come that all you can do is to stare at them
Because you are not young forever

When you are a kid, act like a kid and enjoy the moment
When you are a teenager, enjoy being a teenager
Don’t rush to be an adult
When you are an adult, behave like an adult
Don’t act like a kid
Do what you can according, while you can
Appreciate, enjoy and make the most of every stages in your life
Because time flies so fast more than you can imagine
There’s is no turning back time
Because You are not Young Forever

Take care of your body
Eat the right food
Exercise if you can
Live a healthy life
You only have one body
When you are young, appreciate the strength that you have
Because You Are Not Young Forever

We only have one life
We only pass one time in every stage in our life
Let’s appreciate every moment of it
Live life to the fullest
Be thankful everyday
We may not be young forever
But we can make the most of everything while we are young

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  1. Beautiful pictures! For those who do not believe in the afterlife, the life in the now will be the only thing they will enjoy. Only the presence of God makes life worth living here in this “dog eat dog” world.

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