[VIDEO] 2 Ingredients | No Preservatives | Strawberry Syrup/Sauce

This homemade 2 Ingredients Strawberry Syrup or Sauce comes in just few minutes. It uses fresh sweet Strawberry (but you can use frozen too) in season and cooked in low heat until it becomes bubbly and all the tangy juice is release. You can use this in so many delicious ways, and they will all taste amazing.

Summer season motivates me to use fresh fruits for my baking. They are sweet, fresh and cheap when they are in season. Since we do not get a long Summer in Vancouver, BC, I tend to make the most of it in anyway I can. A lot of it have something to do with outdoor activities and food. Bring all those sweet fresh produce and let us have a party!

I made this syrup or sauce specifically for use in my Homemade Strawberry Lemonade. I used this to add more real Strawberry flavor in the lemonade, but there are a lot other ways that you can use this for. Probably using it for drinks is not the first thing in your mind but trust me, it adds a really nice Strawberry flavor when used for lemonade, ice tea or smoothies.

I was debating with myself ( I do that a lot) if I should call this syrup or sauce. We all know that syrup is sweet, whit a glossy shine on it. Sauce on the other hand can be thick as well, but not as sweet as a syrup and not as shiny too. If I look at it that way, this will probably fall more under the category of a fruit sauce than a syrup. But then if you run the mixture into a sieve you will get a smoother texture and if you add more sugar then it will be sweeter. It is a personal preference, I like my syrup or sauce not too sweet. I once ordered a summer drink in a restaurant and it was horribly sweet. When I asked the server what was in it, he said it is a syrup of some kind and a lot of people find it extremely sweet too. Anyway, to cut the story short, I called this Syrup/Sauce, so whichever side you are in, we all win. Now, let us talk about this easy recipe.

About This Recipe

  • Ease in Making the Recipe: With a 2 ingredients recipe, and less than 1 hr cooking, I think we can call this easy. Probably the most that will take time is the cutting of Strawberry, but how difficult it is to cut Strawberry? If you have a food chopper, you can even use it to do the chopping. Don’t forget to remove the tops, we don’t need the leaves in this syrup/sauce. Depending on where you are using it for, you can use it as soon as it is done and a bit warm. If you are using it as topping for ice cream/sundae, or for drinks like smoothie, tea and lemonade then you need to wait for it to completely cool down or better yet make it a day in advance. Just put it in front of a fan or put the glass with syrup in a bowl with cold iced water pr refrigerate it for few minutes. This will speed up the cooling time. Still, this is a very easy recipe even with the cooling waiting time.
  • Ingredients: Strawberry and sweetener, that’s all you need. You can use fresh if you have them or frozen when Strawberry is not in season. Frozen Strawberry tend to have more water when it cooks so the consistency will be a bit more runny than using fresh Strawberry. You can always address this by cooking the mixture few more minutes.
  • Texture, Taste & Flavor: For a syrup, the consistency is not as thick and sweet as a normal syrup. You can of course add more sweetener if you want a sweeter syrup. As a sauce, I think it has the right consistency. It is thick and I personally like that it is not overwhelmingly sweet. The taste and flavor, taste like REAL Strawberry because it is a real Strawberry so that is good.
  • Make-Ahead: Definitely. Make it ahead and use it later. In fact, if you intend to use it for smoothie, sundae and ice cream it would be best to make it ahead so you do not wait for it to cool before you can use it. When using for lemonade and tea, I like it done the same day. Just wait few minutes to lightly cool. The consistency will thicken the longer it sits, so you may need to microwave it or reheat it so it restores to a more runny consistency that you can use for tea and lemonade.

Ingredients for Strawberry Syrup/Sauce

  • Strawberry – You can use fresh or frozen Strawberry. I suggest chopping it in small pieces for easy cooking.
  • Sweetener – I used granulated white sugar, but you can use Honey too. In fact, if I had a honey when I made this, I would prefer to use honey. Be mindful when making sweetener substitution as sweetness vary depending on the sweetener you are using. 1/3 cup of sugar is not the same sweetness as 1/3 of honey, maple syrup or agave. Adjust as needed.

How to Make Strawberry Syrup/Sauce

If you are using fresh Strawberry, start by washing it thoroughly. Remove the tops and cut into small pieces. Smaller pieces cooks faster. If you are using frozen, no need to thaw, Use it straight from the freezer. Once that is done, transfer it in a pan and add sweetener of your choice. I used granulated white sugar, honey will be great too. Simmer until the juice from Strawberry releases. This will not take long especially if you are using fresh ripe Strawberry. As soon it it start to boil that should be good enough to puree it. I used an immersion blender, but any regular blender will work just fine. Just be careful when you transfer it in the blender as it is hot.

Mixture after straining and removing the seeds. This is more liquid and clear syrup.

Thick or Thin Consistency

The consistency of this one is somewhat in the middle. I did not bother to strain or pass the mixture in a sieve as I will use it for lemonade, so seeds are included. The consistency that you will see in the video was right after cooking. You will see that it is a bit runny which is perfect for use in Lemonade which is my intended use for making it. Because the syrup/sauce thicken as it cools, if you want a more runny or thin consistency, simply add small amount of water. You also have an option to strain it to remove the seed and just extract the juice, just like the photo above. This produces a clearer syrup thus also giving a clearer lemonade when used to make drinks.

Now, if you intend to use this as sauce for ice cream, sundae, pan cakes etc, this consistency if great. But then again, personal preference. Feel free to thin it out to your preference of cook longer for a thicker consistency.


  • 1 lb Frozen or Fresh Strawberry
  • 1/3 cup Sugar ( 1/2 cup for sweeter syrup)


  1. Make the Strawberry Syrup: In a pan, add chopped Strawberry and sugar. Bring to a simmer in medium heat until the Strawberry breaks down and the juices starts to come out from the Strawberry. If you are using fresh, this shouldn’t take long, about 3 – 5 minuts. The consistency will be runny. Stir to avoid burning.
  2. Purée : Purée the mixture by using a blender, immersion blender or regular blender. You can purée until fully smooth or leave few chunks. It’s your choice.
  3. Pass in a Sieve: This is optional, but if you want a really smooth syrup without the seeds, pass the mixture into the sieve.
  4. Set aside and let it cool. Transfer in a jar and and let cool completely before covering.
  5. Storage: you can leave this at room temperature for about 3 days, more than that I usually refrigerate it. If you want a really runny consistency, you can add a bit or water to thin it out. The syrup will thicken as it cools down. You can bring it back to a runny consistency by microwaving it for few seconds.

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