[VIDEO] My Chocolate Milk Drink Hack That Saves me a lot of time

Hello There!! I just want to stop by and share something really quick. Who loves or like chocolate milk drink? No? Yes? If you said Yes, then you might find this interesting or helpful. Maybe, you are already doing it. Let me know, I want know who else do this hack.

Now, if you don’t like hot chocolate, don’t run away yet. You can also use this hack for other milk drink like Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry, Matcha or any milk tea drink. Stay put, ok.

Chocolate Milk drink is my second favorite milk drink after Strawberry. The usual way I make this is I bring the milk to a simmer, add the chopped chocolate, cocoa powder and sweetener. Once the chocolate is fully melted, the hot chocolate is ready to be enjoyed HOT.

Now, as much as I love HOT Chocolate, when the temperature is at 30+C, I’ll have to pass. But that doesn’t mean I cannot enjoy it COLD! That’s when this hack comes in. Here’s how you do it.

Freeze in an ice cube tray

My This is How this Simple Hack Works

  1. Make a hot chocolate, I have my own recipe, video below. You can use your own recipe or you can even use powdered/instant hot chocolate, but remember, homemade hot chocolate is 100% better that instant powdered hot chocolate, so spare some time to make it. Totally worth it.
  2. Transfer it in an ice cube tray and freeze, overnight recommended.
  3. Once frozen, remove from the tray and transfer in a ziplock bag. You now have Frozen Hot Chocolate cubes you can use to make the chocolate drink.
  4. Transfer the frozen hot chocolate in a glass. I normally use 2 cubes for 1 cup of milk. You can adjust it to your preference. Add more hot chocolate cubes, more milk etc. You can also add ice cubes if you want it iced cold. Stir until the chocolate cubes are melted. That’s it!!
    • Alternatively, If you like it more like a smoothie with cold icy texture, simply add the chocolate cubes in a blender, add the milk and blend. I made this version as well and it coming soon this weekend, so stay tuned so you do not miss it.
Frozen Hot Chocolate cubes

For me this such a simple method to have a chocolate drink when I want it. I also use this method to freeze milk tea, the likes of matcha, Earl Grey milk tea and then I just add extra cubes of ice, milk, sweetener and tapioca pearls. Just like that and I have milk bubble tea which and easy way!

I had this after my breakfast this morning and I thought I’d share it with you. I made a very short video when I made the milk chocolate drink. You can watch my video on how to make Hot Chocolate that you can use to freeze.

Ok, got go! 🙂 Have a nice day ahead everyone! Stay CHILL 🙂

My Latest Video

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