Garden Talk (2023): Weekend Out in Downtown Vancouver, BC + Home & Garden Show

Beautiful day like this, I have to be out enjoying the sun. That’s what I did today, it was a nice day out going around Downtown Vancouver and attending the Home & Garden Show. Let me tell you how the day went.

Breakfast @AngusT: My Favourite Croissant Place

Eat morning trip on a weekend in downtown Vancouver means breakfast at AngusT, a pastry cafe that specialize in European Croissants 🥐. I’ve been in this place a lot of times and even made a short video. I’ve visited quite a few Croissant place in Vancouver and so far, this is the one that I highly recommend.

When I say I love their Croissants, I really mean it. You can tell by how much I bought in just 1 visit. I got 3 Earl Grey which is so far my top pick for their best Croissant, I got Blueberry which is a new one that I had never tried before, I got Pistachio Raspberry which is a repeat for me because it is that good and a savory one which is the Tuna and Corn. I have to mention that these are for sharing 🙂 not just for me.

About time I get a haircut:

It’s been more than a year since I last got my haircut. I usually do it once a year but my hairstylist was not available last year when I tried to book end of year. I have a long hair, probably 4 inches past my waist and I am about 5’6” tall. So I would say that’s pretty long hair. I had almost 3 hrs of session and you’re probably wondering why that long. It’s not juts haircut, we spend a lot of time doing consultation on hair colouring and straightening. I also like the fact that my stylist really takes time to cut my hair to make sure it comes out beautiful, and it did. This is why I kept on coming to him. It’s hard to find a good stylist that really understands my preference, Craig knew what I want and he always get it right. So far, this alone is major accomplishment for the day. This was the main reason for my trip to downtown.

Sunny Day is Always a Good Day to Be Bad 🙂 Ice Cream it is @Bon Crepe

After sitting for a long time, I wanted to stretch a bit and do some walking. I walked down Robson a street which the heart of shipping district in Downtown Vancouver. I walked aimlessly, no specific place to go, wherever the road takes me. Guess where I ended? I am please where my walk took me, to Bon Crepe. This is a small Japanese store that sells usual Japanese items and snacks, plus soft serve ice cream, sundae and crepes. I still feel full from breakfast. I did not mention that I ate the Pistachio Raspberry Croissant while sitting on the bench and soaking up the warmth of the sun. I just want something cold, so I got the Waffle Cone Vanilla & Matcha Swirl. I sat outside while I finish my soft serve, it was indeed a chill day for me.

Time for the Home and Garden Show @BC Place

I’ve always wanted to go to Home and Garden Show but never got the chance to do it. Today is the day that I finally did it. The timing was perfect, I am at downtown and I need to pass the time as I will not be meeting my friends until 7 pm. That’s a long wait.

The entrance fee for the event was 16CAD which is not bad, but what’s even better is getting it for free. Someone gave me a free ticket so that was great.

The area for the event was quite huge. There’s was lot vendors that participated in the event, not only home and garden related. I even saw food stalls, women’s accessories and food demo.

I was particularly interested in kitchen and washroom vendors, wood flooring and indoor painting. I got couple of brochures to check later.

I knew I got to have these peelers

I bought few things, one is a pair of vegetable and fruit peelers. They were quite pricey in my opinion but I bought it anyway as this will be very useful for my food preparation and plating for the blog. It’s my splurge for the day, and I am happy with it. I recorded a short video of the demo, here it is.

I went back for this toffee bars

I don’t usually like toffee bars as they are sweet and hard. I guess not toffee are created equal. This toffee bars taste great. I tried the Milk Toffee with Almonds and they were addictive to the point that I had to go back and buy some. I thought milk chocolate will make it even sweeter but for some reason, they made it in a way that the sweet, salty and crunchy was balanced. The big pack cost 19CAD which I admit is quite expensive.

They have 3 variations of dark chocolate which is what I was more interested. I thought dark will be great to even more balance the sweet and salty taste. They have the dark toffee, hazelnut toffee and Cherry Toffee, all 3 have chopped Almonds in it. What I found quite interesting to try is the Vegan version.

I’ve tried both the dairy and Vegan verson and I have to say that they were both good. My friends and I were quite impressed how the Vegan version taste good. The only thing I would say is that it was quite expensive and contains very few pieces inside.

There’s a lot more vendors that participated, watch the short video if you are interested.

Ending the day with a dinner @Shislik Persian Restaurant

We’re not done yet, I cannot just end the day like that. What better way to end the day but with a dinner with friends. We went for dinner @Shishlik, a Persian Restaurant in North Vancouver. We were hungry when the food arrived I forgot to take a photo before we ate. This is what I manage to take photo, not as beautiful as when it was served but it was delicious. The meat were seasoned well, it was tender and juicy and too. We ordered 2 eggplant appetizers, plate of Shishlik, 2 orders of Varizi which basically skewers of grilled chicken breast and skewers of ground beef.

Saving the best for last. Desset at Bobzaa Dessert Cafe

Lately it has been a habot for me and my friends to eat dessert in a different restaurant than the one where we ate dinner or lunch. This one here “Bobzaa” is a place that we found close to teh Persian restaurant. By the name of it, I guessed they sel mostly Bubble Tea but I was actually wrong.

This dessert place offers more than just bubble tea. They also have meals and snack like pizza, pasta, french fries, salad and desserts. We went here for dessert and here is what we got.

Chocolate Lava Cake

I have to say this Chocolate Lava Cake is a real stunner. It looks beautiful but most especially it taste great. The cake was perfectly baked. It was soft and fluffy and have just the right amount of melted chocolate oozing from the center, not to mention a generous 3 scoops of vanilla ice cream. Now that’s a winner in my world.

Mango Creme Brulee

I love creme brule and anything custard. This is the first one that stands out to me when I read the menu. We ordered two but ended up the cashier only punch one order whoch turned out to be a blessing. I find the texture of the creme brule too soft with less custard in it. It was also a bit too sweet for my taste. If you like sweet desserts, you may like this. I guess for me, I’ll have to pass on this one.

Today was really a busy and fun day. Lots of walking outside and good times with friends.

Thanks for stopping bye. Until the next bloom! Bye 💐🌺🌸🌼.

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