Food Trip: Evening @Sula Indian Restaurant, Vancouver BC

Meeting with friends, catching up and eating outside is such a treat for me. Working from home made me miss my weekday walk in downtown or an impromptu dinner out with friends after work. I still make sure I keep in touch with friends and what better way to keep in touch and catch over a meal.

I had been wanting to go to this restaurant now but they’re always fully booked on the day that I want to go. After going to this place, I wasn’t surprised at all. The food was amazing, the service was great and the place was decorated nicely . The restaurant was not as big although they have few seating available outside. Summer will be a good time to have a meal outside, this time of the year it is still a bit cold.

It wasn’t as busy when we went there for dinner. We came in a bit early, around 5:30 so tie place wasn’t as busy. It did get busier later on the day.

We chose to sat inside for a more cozy warm atmosphere. We admired the wall decorations while we wait for our orders to come. They have a really interesting delicious variety of food in their menu. They have a lot of meat options, plus vegan and vegetarian dishes. There’s something for everyone. It was difficult to choose what to order as I wanted to try a lot, but this is what we decided to order.

Selection of Naan Bread

I’ve never been in a restaurant with this much selection of Naan Bread. Usually, a restaurant will have 3-4 options, in this place they have 9! That much variations just for Naan. the have an amazing Naan Bread I’ve ever tried. It was so soft and pliable. I can imagine even the most simple and plain variation will taste great.

Spinach and Paneer NaaN (6.50 CAD)

This variation was stuffed with spinach and paneer. Paneer is an Indian soft cheese. This bread is quite filling because of the stuffing inside. It was so soft, unbelievably soft. We love it.

Potato Naan (6.50 CAD)

This one was stuffed with spiced Potato and herbs. It was as good as the Spinach and Paneer. They used the same based Naan Bread and just changed the filling and spices to make variations.

Tandoori Rach of Lamb (32.75 CAD)

Rack of lamb cooked with garlic, ginger and spices served on roasted peppers

For the main course, we ordered grilled Lamb. They were surprisingly thick and flavorful. It was a bit pricey but was good for a treat. For big group, this would not be as much advisable as there are only 4 pieces and it’s quite expensive than the rest of the item in the menu with more larger portion.

Butter Chicken (18.95 CAD)

Tandoor chicken broiled in tomato, cream & butter sauce

Butter Chicken is often a must when I visit an Indian Restaurant for the first time. This butter chicken is everything I ever wanted. Perfectly seasoned and have a hint of sweetness which I really like. The sauce has the right thickness and consistency. I highly recommend this dish. It’s a perfect pair for either rice or naan.

Passion Fruit Chocolate Cake + Mango Ice CreaM (9.50 CAD + 3.00 CAD Single Scoop Ice Cream)

Moist dark chocolate sponde, passion fruit & white chocolate layers

Now let’s go to desert. I wanted to try most of this dessert but I was able to convince myself to be reasonable. I picked this chocolate cake paired with extra scoop of Mango ice cream. It was a great choice no doubt about it. I wouldn’t mind ordering this again next time I visit this place. The cake has a nice soft texture. A layer of cake, mousse and passion fruit sauce/jam. Pairing it with Mango ice cream made it even better. The cake slice was bigger than I expected. It is left t sharing for 2.

Mango Coconut Kheer/Rice Pudding (4.50 CAD)

Slow cooked basmati rice, coconut, alphonso Mango, cardamom

Although I am used to rice pudding, this came as something different for me. It has a nice Mango flavor, that for sure you cannot miss. There’s also bits and pieces of shredded coconut and a hint of cardamom. The consistency was thick but I quite like it.

We ended up with a bit of leftover bread, rice and butter chicken which is a welcome thing for me. I don’t mind eating these leftovers.

That’s about it for today. Thank You for taking time to read this post. Until my next foodtrip adventure.

Bye now!

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