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Pan Seared Salmon with Roasted Veggie and Quinoa

This Salmon and Veggie Bowl with Quinoa is one easy meal to make, plus it’s healthy and delicious. It’s loaded with assorted vegetables and a nicely pan seared Salmon served with fluffy Quinoa. One of my favorite meal prep meal is roasted veggie. I’ll roast tons of them and that will be my week packed lunch. It’s so easy to make, so versatile and it can go with anything. It’s great on its own, it pair well with chicken, shrimp and my []

Gluten FREE Small Batch Low Carb Almond PanCake , it’s for real!

Featured Video: Strawberry Pancake with Strawberry Sauce The lightest, softest and easiest pancake recipe, and it’s homemade. Forget the pancake mix and make this one instead. This is a great basic Gluten FREE pancake recipe that you can use to create other variations. Check it out. I am easy to please. All I want is a soft and light pancake, is that too much to ask? Being a morning person, I always look forward to breakfast. Not only that, I love sweet []