Small Batch Fruit Medley Sorbet

Fruit Medley Sorbet

I am getting really obsessed making frozen treats. The hot weather last week inspired me to make the Fruit Medley Sorbet .Today, I cannot use the weather as an excuse. It’s 13 C, not really hot. Well, it really doesn’t matter, hot or cold, rain or shine frozen treats is always on my menu. To satisfy my cravings for something chocolatey, I decided to make this Chocolate Fudge Banana Frozen Yogurt. This is as quick and easy to make as the Fruit Medley Sorbet and Cantaloupe Sorbet. Few ingredients and No machine needed. Let’s get started!

It’s Spring! It’s Summer! No, It’s Spring! The weather is getting warmer and warmer everyday that I started to think it’s already summer. I cannot get enough of eating ice cream and any other frozen treats. Just a few days a go, I finished another tub of ice cream, it is so delicious and dangerous at the same time. The moment I finished it , I already made my grocery plan to get another one, but I stopped myself. I remembered last year, I made my own Pistachio Sorbet and Banana Sorbet and I liked it. I made a lists of other flavors that I wanted to make , but never got a chance to do them.Well,  It’s never too late to do them now. I’m kicking off my summer to start early with this Fruit Medley Sorbet. No ice cream maker needed for this Sorbet and just 2 ingredients! How easy is that? Let’s get started.


  • 2 cups frozen (15oz/390g) Pineapple,Peaches,Strawberries
  • ¼ cup (70g/2 ½ oz) condensed milk


  1. Combine the frozen fruits and the condensed milk in a food processor or powerful blender and process until smooth and creamy.
  2. Transfer to a freezable container and let it firm up for about 4 hours to be able to scoop or leave overnight in the fridge
  3. Keep in the freezer for up to 6 weeks.

Good to know:

  • Start with 1/4 cup sweetener and adjust sweetener as desired. Increase by adding 1 tbsp at a time. If you use full fat condensed milk, you may want to start with 3 tbsp instead of 1/4 cup. Full fat tends to be sweeter than fat free condensed milk.
  • You can mix and match fruits, whatever you have that goes well together.
  • It is important to use frozen fruits to achieve a thicker base.

Try it and let me know how it goes. Feel free to share this recipe!♥

Recipe Adapted from: Gemma’s Bigger Bolder Baking

Categories: No Bake, Recipe

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