No Bake Greek Yogurt and Dates Breakfast Fruit Tart

Thinking of what to have for breakfast tomorrow? Why not try this Greel Yogurt and Dates Breakfast Tart!

Sweet & Spicy Living


Let me give you a heads up, this is not your typical tart. There’s no flour, butter, sugar or eggs in this tart. Only good and healthy stuff for a change, but it is absolutely amazing especially if you love fruits and yogurt, and nuts!


This is the easiest tart I had ever made, and yours too if you try it. No baking needed! The food processor will do most of the work for you, the most that you need to do is the fun part, which is to slice the fruits and arrange it.


I love this part, because I get to decorate it the way that I want it. I can play around with what fruits to use, whatever is in season and whatever goes well together goes in! It is that flexible. Even the nuts, you can choose whatever nuts you like.


Everything that I like to…

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