[VIDEO] Explore British Columbia – Vancouver: Things to do in Granville Island, Vancouver BC

Welcome to Granville Island!♥

Location: 1669 Johnston St, Vancouver, BC V6H 3R9, Canada
Website: http://granvilleisland.com/
Hours of Operation: Public Market is open 7 days a week from 9am- 7pm
Entrance Fee: None


Granville Island is a popular place to visit for tourist and locals alike. This was one of the first tourist attractions that I visited almost 8 years ago, but until now I still kept on coming back to this place almost every year especially during summer season.

Things to do in Granville Island, Vancouver BC

Let me get one thing straight first before I dive into more details about this place. Granville Island is not an Island perse, this is not an isolated piece of land surrounded by water that would require you a boat to get there. It is not totally detached or isolated, there is a small portion that is connected to the land although the place has water that surrounds it. I just thought that I should clarify this because when I first heard about it, I thought it was a real detached island. I was not disappointed at all to found out it is not, because it means that it is more accessible and I wouldn’t require any special mode of transportation to get there. That made me happy 🙂 and that is a good news for you too. Let’s checkout what activities we can do at Granville Island.

Things to do in Granville Island, Vancouver BC

Here are activities that you can do at Granville Island

  • Granville Island Hop On/Off Water Taxi –  Aquabus or False Creek Ferries are the way to go if you want to visit the nearby area without wasting so much time traveling. The water taxis takes you around and stops at different location in the area. You can go to English Bay in just few minutes, or stop by at Yaletown to check some amazing restaurants, or go to Olympic Village and check Telus Science World, or just stay on board and do the sight-seeing of Granville Island area. You have an option to buy a days pass or you can do pay per ride, your choice.
Things to do in Granville Island, Vancouver BC
  • Granville Public Market – You are in for a treat when you visit the public market. Take away those smelly and wet public market in your mind, because this place is a dry market and it is clean and smelly at all. They sell beautiful fresh produce fruits and vegetables a like, and also nicely arranged fresh flower and potted plants.
  • Eat and be merry! They have variety of places to grab something to eat, from food courts, cafe, to sit in restaurants. There are wide ranges of options for desserts and savory dishes. They have soup, sandwhiches, pasta, pizza, hot noodle bowls, tacos etc. Name it, they have it there. I couldn’t even decide where to begin and how to try them all and I had been visiting this place for 8 years now.
  • Shop till you drop:  A trip is not complete without shopping for souvenirs especially if you are a visitor. Shopping will not be a problem because there are tons of shops to visit and plenty of arts shops that displays the most beautiful paintings and unique souvenir items. Just be reminded that since this is a tourist place, the items are quite expensive than usual.
  • Live Performers: From time to time especially on a nice day, there are musicians and other live performances happening in the area. Sit down and relax while you listen to live jazz performance and other mini shows.
  • Seaside Scenic Walk or Biking: Summer is definitely the best time to visit this place. The nice weather will give you the chance to walk or bike( 3km) all the way to the Science World while you enjoy the beautiful scenery. This is a must thing for me to do every time I visit Granville and usually the day ender activity for me.
Things to do in Granville Island, Vancouver BC
  • Picnic: Bring your picnic blanket and basket and spend a quite and relaxing day. There are quite a lot of nice spots to sit and relax when you get tired from walking the seaside path. You do not have to go far and away just to be able to see this sea-side view.

So, if you have spare time and all you want is just as relax time, walking the path that leads to Telus Science World is a nice addition to your itinerary.

Granville Island Vancouver Attractions
  • All ends well at Science World:  Olympic Village is also a nice place to add into your itinerary when visiting Granville. Whether you walk, bike of take the water taxi, be sure to stop by this area. This is a pretty nice area to watch and take photo of Telus Science World. There are also restaurants with patio sitting where you can enjoy a nice snack or dinner that will surely end your day very nicely.
Olympic Village

So, when you are in Vancouver, visit Granville Island. Till next time! Safe Travel and Enjoy your stay in Vancouver♥ ~ SweetNSpicy

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