Vancouver Food Trip: Cacao 70 Eatery – Pure Chocolate Indulgence!

Restaurant Name: Coco 70
Location: 1047 Denman Street, Vancouver, BC, V6G 2M4
Hours of Operation: Sunday to Thursday 10AM-11PM;  Friday and Saturday 10AM-00AM

Coco 70, Vancouver BC

Welcome to Coco 7o, my new heaven on earth ♥♥♥

We all have simple pleasures in life, a little piece of heaven on earth, a simple get away place to hang-out or chill or a favorite comfort food to brighten up gloomy and not so good days. I have quite a few, and I found another one that I can add to my simple pleasures, Cacao 70! Absolutely chocolate heaven on earth. And when I say chocolate, I mean serious good quality, decadent sinfully delicious chocolate. Read on.

Coco 70, Vancouver BC

I was introduced in this place by a friend of mine at work, since then, I got obsessed and kept on coming back hoping to try each and every item in the menu, although I have to be honest I am eyeing the sweet stuff  more than the savory one. I’ll get to the savory, but for now I just want to focus on their delicious mouth watering dessert. Let me show you what we’ve tried so far.


Sharing for Two or More

Left Photo: A quarter of 12″ triple chocolate pizza, banana split waffle, fresh strawberries, graham crackers, brownie bites, chocolate wafers, chocolate-coated cereals, chocolate-covered ice cream, marshmallow for grilling, milk chocolate fondue for dipping. The set comes with own grill for marshmallow.

Coco 70, Vancouver BC

Sweet Chocolate Experience For Two

Right Photo: A milk  chocolate classic waffle, fresh strawberries, bananas, chocolate-coated cereals, marshmallow for grilling, chocolate-covered ice cream, milk chocolate fondue for dipping and a small milk hot chocolate for sharing. The set comes with own grill for marshmallow.

IMCoco 70, Vancouver BC

A Little Bitter Chocolate Experience For Two

A dark chocolate classic waffle, fresh strawberries, bananas, chocolate-coated cereals, marshmallow for grilling, chocolate-covered ice cream, milk chocolate fondue for dipping and a small milk hot chocolate for sharing. The set comes with own grill for marshmallow.

How crazy is that? It’s like there’s no more tomorrow!

Coco 70, Vancouver BC

Waffles: Best waffle ever! I am not a big fan of waffle, for me, they are just like pan cakes made in a waffle pan. They have the same texture, although difference appearance and shape. But this waffle changed the way I look at waffles. It is absolutely delicious! The texture is not like any waffles I had tried before. It’s not just the softness, there is something totally different about it that I cannot quite explain. The moment I took my first bite, I knew that I am not eating a regular waffle. It’s soft and light and absolutely to die for when dipped in melted chocolate. Oh la la!

Coco 70, Vancouver BC

Smores: Burn baby burn. Keep that fire burning and enjoy toasting the marshmallows. After toasting them, sandwich them with the graham crackers and drizzle it with some melted chocolate and sprinkle with the chocolate coated cereals. Just like good lokd camping, but indoors. They are quite nice, sligthly sweet for my taste but I enjoyed toasting them more than eating them, not to mention taking photograph of it while it toast. Coco 70, Vancouver BC

Dark Chocolate vs. Milk Chocolate Fondue: I had tried both, I would definitely go for the Dark Chocolate because some of the stuff for dipping are quite sweet already. If you are really a sweet tooth, then go ahead and try the Milk Chocolate one. I’m not saying it’s not good, it is as smooth and decadent as the dark chocolate only sweeter.

Coco 70, Vancouver BC

Don’t get dishearten if you cannot order this platter set, you can still try each one of this by ordering them separately. Let me show you what they have as individual order.

Chocolate Marshmallow Pizza

Warm pizza crust topped with melted milk chocolate chunks and roasted marshmallow. Served with fresh strawberries, bananas and melted chocolate.

If you love marshmallow and chocolate, this pizza is for you. It really melts in your mouth, although a little bit sweet.


Chocolate Hazelnut Pizza

Warm pizza crust topped with melted dark chocolate chunks, melted white chocolate and candied hazelnuts. Served with fresh strawberries, bananas and melted chocolate.

This is so far my favorite among the one we tried. In this pizza, I get to enjoy the smooth and decadent melted chocolate, and the candied hazelnut gave it more texture and crunch. Definitely one to try.


Triple Chocolate Pizza

Warm pizza crust topped with melted dark, milk and white chocolate chunks. Served with fresh strawberries, bananas and melted chocolate.

This pizza gave me the taste of all the 3 chocolate types. Dark, milk and white. It is smooth and decadent and taste really great with the warm soft pizza crust.


Hot Chocolate: This Hot Chocolate is no joke. Say goodbye to your powdered Hot Chocolate because you are going to be drinking pure, melted thick hot chocolate. It is so pure, intense, creamy and chocolately. Yummy! No wonder they served this is a smaller cup. I find it too much to go with the fondue set as there are already too much chocolate going on in those plates. I would prefer to have this on its own, probably with something savory to avoid being to overwhelmed. But I would definitely say this is a good high quality Hot Chocolate.

How about trying their Crepe? They also have fantastic Sweet Crepe, you cannot go wrong even if you get the most simple Crepe in the menu .

Classic Chocolate Crepe

A thin French Crepe topped with melted chocolate (choice of dark, semi-sweet, milk or white)

Don’t be deceived by its looks. It’s thin, but it definitely a must try. It is a little bit more light as compared to other crepes with fruit filling. The Crepe stands out more since it doesn’t have any fruit filling and with the Crepe absorbing the flavor melted chocolate, it was truly crazy delicious.


Dipped Soft Ice Cream

If you are into dipped ice cream, there are Cocoa 70 braches (like the  one in the video) that cariies them. I have a separate post for that, check it out here

Cocoa 70

These are just few of their items, I cannot wait to go back there and try the remaining ones. Stay tune for future updates as I continue my Coco 70 exploration. Until my next food adventure. This is SweetNSpicy, your travel buddy.

Featured Video – Cocoa 70 Dippery

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