One Bowl, Eggless and Butterless Orange Chocolate Cake

This is so simple that this became my favorite Orange Chocolate Cake.

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One Bowl, Eggless and Butterless Orange Chocolate Cake

Are you like me who loves citrus flavored dessert? If you are, then today is your lucky day! You just found the easiest Orange Chocolate Cake recipe, and I have a bonus treat for you. Are you ready? There’s no egg and no butter and you can make it in one bowl in less than 1 hour, and no mixer needed as well! Less mess, less clean up. Everything is just dumping the ingredients and manually mixing it. Did I convince you already to try it?

Orange Chocolate Cake

Ok, if you are not convince, here’s another things to consider. It’s super moist, it’s soft and the flavor, oh the flavor! You can taste the orange flavor in every bite. Even better is when you add chocolate ganache, don’t skip it, this is what surely sealed the deal for me. Being a chocoholic, I couldn’t even think eating this without the chocolate…

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