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Location: Departure at 501 Denman Street
Website: https://www.boatcruises.com/tour.php?pv=p3
Hours of Operation: Click Schedule
Entrance Fee: Yes. Please click Rates
Tour Includes:

  • 4 hour coastal mountain fjord cruise
  • Catered salmon & chicken buffet luncheon
  • Commentary and spectacular scenery

Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise

If you’re looking for a relax way to enjoy half of your day, I suggest you do this Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise. This 4-hour luncheon cruise travels through Vancouver’s inner harbour, the Burrard Inlet, and then North into the spectacular setting of Indian Arm. Nestled within the Coast Mountain range, the area was once heavily glaciated, leaving behind a spectacular landscape featuring lush green forests protecting this inlet from the open ocean. The cruise includes a decent lunch meal complete from salad, salmon, chicken, bread, rice and desserts. 


I have no expectation when I bought this lunch cruise. I had a free day and I thought this would be nice way to enjoy. I’ve been around Vancouver waterfront ad I had always admired how beautiful they are. The view of the north shore mountains, or the view of Stanley Park from a far and the float planes taking off and landing in the water.


Despite all these, I was surprise how much enjoyed this lunch cruise. The view of the Coal Harbor and the Waterfront from afar is actually amazing. I can actually see it long distance and I got a clearer view of everything which made me to appreciate it more than I already did. 


Passing through the bridge is also a site to capture. I had always liked bridges and light house view, for now this is the closest that I could get and I would say not bad at all. 


The view of the small islands, houses in the islands and small boats sailing is also very view to capture.


As the cruise approach to the end of the route, make sure to have your camera ready as this is the water falls which is the highlight of the cruise. It was not as high or as grandeur, but it was a nice sight to watch and photograph. A lot of people were gathering around in the deck of the ship waiting for the ship to get closer to the falls. Everybody wants a photo taken at this area. So position yourself and be quick. They ship will stop for few minutes for people to take photos, but if there are too many passengers, not everybody will have the chance to have their photo taken. 


On the way back, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the scenery. You can stay outside the deck or inside and have some tea and dessert.


The food was great for the price of the cruise. It was nothing fancy, but they were ok. There were two types of dessert which is more than enough. I was already too full to even try them but I wouldn’t let it pass of course.

Indian Arm Luncheon Dining Area

There was a large dining area set-up inside with separate tables arranged in the floor area. There is no seating arrangement, so you can sit wherever you like.


Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise, Vancouver BC

This 4 hours luncheon trip is truly a fun and enjoyable activity. A MUST do activity when you are in Vancouver. The sights of large waterfront homes, privately owned islands, wildlife,  water falls are really worth the 4 hours cruise. I wouldn’t mind doing it again and I recommend you try it too. The cruise is less than 100 CAD, around 70 CAD but check the rates link above for any change.

Indian Arm Luncheon Cruise, Vancouver BC

Until my next adventure. This is SweetNSpicy your travel buddy! ♥♥♥

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