Vancouver Food Trip: Coffee Buns at Pappa Roti, Vancouver BC

Restaurant Name: Pappa Roti
Location: 1505 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6G 1C3, Canada
Hours of Operation: Daily 7:00 am – late

Pappa Roti Cafe, Downtown Vancouver BC

Welcome to Pappa Roti ♥♥♥

I don’t know how to express my love for Coffee Buns. This is one kind of buns that I will not get tired of eating. This sweet bread with butter filling and coffee toppings is simply irresistible to me. That is when it is plain, wait till you have it with jam, melted chocolate, fresh fruits, whipped cream and ice cream. It will drive you crazy!

Pappa Roti Cafe, Downtown Vancouver BC

For me, there is only one place to get this, and that place is the Pappa Roti in Robson downtown Vancouver. This is one of my favorite place to hangout in downtown, I don’t mind a few minutes walk from my office because it is totally worth it. Not just the food, but even the place itself.

Pappa Roti Cafe, Downtown Vancouver BC

Chill out

One thing I like about this place is the layout and the design of the store. It has a combination of rustic and industrial modern design, that looks very sleek and neat to me. I find the cafe quite spacious, cozy and comfortable. Very rarely that I get motivated to stay and hangout in cafe because they are so busy and crowded, but this one never failed to give me the feeling of wanting to stay longer. They have long wooden table, individual tables, and a cozy and more comfortable nook to hangout at the back area of the store.

Pappa Roti Cafe, Downtown Vancouver BC

Listen Up

This place plays music all day long. They are not live, but the selections are pretty good. I’m more on the softer and relaxing kind of music, and this is exactly the type of music that they play. They have softer versions of the cover and popular songs which I find very refreshing and new. This kind of music on top of the cozy and comfortable setting makes me feel at home. I can stay here all afternoon with my book and ipad tuck away in the little corner at the back of the cafe.

Pappa Roti Cafe, Downtown Vancouver BC

Coffee Bun like no other

I’m saving the best for last, although by now you probably have an idea that I am writing this blog all because of the Coffee Buns. They have variety of selection for the coffee buns. You can have it plain, or if you are like me, I’ll definitely go with something on the side and on top. If I am going crazy, I am going for the best.

IMG_4258Pappa Roti Cafe, Downtown Vancouver BC

Coffee Bun: Crazy For Kaya with additional Vanilla ice cream

This has the coconut jam and a drizzle of honey on top. I haven’t tried this kind of coconut jam before as I am used to our version which is the brown one. This jam has a very subtle flavor, not too sweet as well so the honey complements it really well.


Coffee Bun: The Works

This combines mostly everything what the other options have. This option comes with the sweet buns with butter filling and coffee topping. The coffee bun comes with fresh sliced strawberry and banana, melted chocolate, whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. This is definitely the first one I would recommend as it has almost everything on it. Just by ordering this, you would already try most of the other options.

IMG_4281Pappa Roti, Vancouver BC

Coffee Bun: Create you own Coffee Bun: Apricot Jam and White Chocolate

This is a customized plate. It comes with the standard coffee buns, and I selected apricot jam and melted white chocolate to go with it. You can select different jam, white/milk or dark chocolates, and fresh fruits like strawberry, banana or blueberries.


Coffee Bun: Create you own Coffee Bun: with Kaya (Coconut Jam)

Pappa Roti, Vancouver BC

Brain Freeze with Fruity Smoothie!

Feeling hot and looking for something cold and refreshing? Try one of their fruity smoothies. We tried Mango and Apricot and they were both great. I like the fresh fruity flavor of both, but the Apricot stands out to me more.


Gluten Free and Egg Free

Looking for a gluten free and egg free treats? They have it there too. We’ve tried the Chocolate Pecan Tart and it was really good. I don’t normally like pecan tarts because they have the tendency to be too sweet. Their version is just the right balance of everything, it’s buttery with just the right sweetness and a nice touch of melted dark chocolate on top.


There are still so many things to try, and I am looking forward to going back to this place over and over again. So when in downtown Vancouver, stop by and chill out at Pappa Roti  for the best coffee bun. There’s nothing better than a cozy place and a great food after hours or walking and shopping around.  Till my next food adventure! This is SweetNSpicy chilling out!

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