Chili Zoodles

Chili Zoodles Recipe

I had been debating whether to buy the spiralizer or not because I had been wanting I make Zoodles for a long time. I’ve always love vegetables and being creative in preparing my meals is something that I love to do. I found a way to make Zoodles without using a spiralizer for the time being that I was deciding on buying it. If you do not have a spiralizer and want to make noodles you can do with this technique. Cut the zucchini thinly and lengthwise. Then cut it into strip, its not going to have the spiral look but it still works. I had been doing that for a long time, until I finally made up my mind to get myself the spiralizer.

Chili Zoodles

Spiralizer comes in different sizes and shapes, from high-end fancy one to simple and most basic one. I don’t have much space to store big spiralizer so I bought the very basic small one, besides, how often will I be using it anyway? I was happy with it, it’s easy to use, easy to clean and it does the job of creating the spiral look, and the best part of it, it was reasonably price for something so small and simple. 

Recipe for Chili Zoodles

The timing was perfect because I made my Mexican Chili. You might be wondering what’s the Chili got to do with the Zoodles. Actually, a lot! Instead of using a regular pasta sauce, I used the Chili as the sauce for the Zoodles. It has everything and more than what a usual pasta sauce have. Lean ground beef, loads of vegetables and perfectly flavored and seasoned thick sauce. The Zoodles turned out fantastic!! The zucchini is fresh, watery and crunchy, and the sauce was bursting with flavor which gave the Zoodles amazing taste. The zucchini on its own doesn’t have a taste, and so having a sauce this flavorful made the dish standout. This is one reason why I like using Chili as sauce for Zoodles or regular pasta. I can have it on its own, and I can use it to create amazing dish and make a normal dish stand out. Next time you make Chili, try this Zoodles, another fun way to enjoy your hot warming and hearty Chili. Let’s get stated! Small Batch Chili con Carne Recipe


  • Homemade Mexican Chili
  • 1 Medium size zucchini – spiralized
  • 1/4 cup Mozzarella and Cheddar shredded cheese
  • 1 tsp Olive oil


  1. Make the Chili – I have a homemade Mexican Chili recipe which is perfect for use as pasta sauce. You can also use other type of Chili if you want to. Chili can be made ahead of time and stored in the refrigerator or freezer. If taken from the freezer, thaw then re-heat before using.
  2. Spiralize the Zucchini: You can use any kind of spiralizer as long as it gets the job done. If you do not have a spiralizer, you can also do it manually but it will not have a spiralize look. See the simple instruction below.
  3. Drizzle spiralize zucchini with 1/2 tsp olive oil, then toss.
  4. Transfer in a plate and pour Chili on top. Garnish with shredded cheese.


How to make zoodles without spiralizer

Manually cut Zucchini thinly (lengthwise) then cut it into strips. that’s it! so easy. It will not come out as ribbons or spiralize, it’s more like a flat straight pieces but it still works. This is how I had been doing it before I got my spiralizer.

Easy Zoodles

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