Vancouver Food Trip: Earnest Ice Cream, Seriously Good!

Store Name: Earnest Ice Cream
Address: 1829 Quebec Street Vancouver, BC
Operating Hours: Daily 12pm – 10pm

Welcome to Earnest Ice Cream ♥♥♥!

Earnest Ice Cream, Vancouver BC

How do you make a sunny Friday even better? with ICE CREAM! Yes, ice cream can really make day better and even more better. I could be that shallow sometimes you know, a single scoop (let’s make it double to perk up my day even more) of ice cream can really turn my world up side down. You know cranky days when I’m feeling kind of down, that kind of treat helps a lot. It’s the sugar I guess, sugar makes my world go round, and round and round.

Earnest Ice Cream, Vancouver BC

Well, not that I want to make you jealous, but I just had a 2 scoops of creamy and smooth ice cream earlier, just the way I love my ice cream. I remembered complaining to my friends before not being able to find good ice cream place in Vancouver. We had quite a few in downtown which I tried but still I couldn’t quite find the best ice cream place.  Well, to tell you the truth, it’s a difficult task to do, but a lot of fun if I may say. I wouldn’t say no for ice cream tasting adventure.


Today we went to Earnest Ice cream, a small shop located at Quebec Street in downtown Vancouver. The brand was established 2012 and had been since then making ice cream of unique flavors. Aside from regular ice cream, they also sell sundae and to go pint ice creams. Let me show you their small but nice store in downtown Vancouver.

Earnest Ice Cream, Vancouver BC

They space is not that big, but I find it nice. It has the combination of modern and rustic look with a very neat and sleek design. They have small sitting area, and small space for lining up which could get crowded at times.

Seriously Chocolate and Green Tea

As expected, I had to order Chocolate of course. This is one flavor that I have to try in most of the place that I visit. A basic and classic flavor that I couldn’t skip. The texture is very creamy and smooth, with a very intense chocolate flavor. I would say, its seriously good and decadent. This is one flavor that I wouldn’t hesitate to any chocolate lovers like me. The Green Tea flavor on the other hand has a very mild flavor which I like. The flavor is very subtle, but the texture is just the same smooth and creamy. I guess this is how most of their ice cream textures.

Strawberry Swirl and Sour Cherry with Goat Cheese

Strawberry, another all time favorite flavor just like Chocolate. It was very good and I would also recommend that you give this flavor a try. For those of you who are adventurous to try unique flavor combination, give the Cherry with Goat Cheese flavor a go. It actually sounds weird to me, but the combination works well together. These 2 flavors are actually a good combination on its own.


They also sell pint ice cream to go and some pastries like cookies and donut.

Earnest Ice Cream, Vancouver BC

Featured  Video – Cocoa 70 Dippery

So many flavors, so little time. Summer is over, but then again, ice cream is an all time favorite of mine. Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall. Till my next food adventure. Thank You for visiting my website. Until our next food trip, bye now. This is  ~SweetNSpicyLiving your food trip buddy!


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  1. It’s nice to find an unusual ice cream shop, I do like a nice ice cream and not the usual mr whippy with a flake which I can’t stand (apart from the flake of course), we have some new ones in our neighbourhood called sprinkles gelato and creams which have wonderful flavours, shame your one is in another country!!!!!


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