Explore British Columbia – Kelowna: Wine and Dine at Kelowna, BC Canada

Eat, Drink and be Merry at Kelowna, BC Canada

Mission Hill Kelowna

Welcome to Kelowna

 Kelowna is a city in Okanagan Valley in the southern interior of British Columbia, Canada. It is approximately about 380 – 450km away from downtown Vancouver and will take about 4-5 hours driving. If you don’t have much time, there is also a plane service that goes to Kelowna and it will only take 45 mins to 1 hour, that quick and you’re there. I’ve taken this mode of transportation before as well as by car. I guess it depends on how much time you have on hand. For me, the best time to explore Kelowna is during summer season, between July – September. Although it could get really hot, but that is the time that you could experience Kelowna at it’s best. I’ve never tried going to Kelowna of other season of the year, so I don’t have much to say what you can do there.

Kelowna Winery Mission Hill

What Kelowna is known for

Kelowna is known for vineyards and orchards, it the winery region of BC. If you like wine, and would like to taste one of the best then this place is where you should go to when in BC.


We stopped by at quite a few wineries when we were there, Mission Hill was one of the place that we visited. They are considered to be one of the famous wineries in Kelowna, among many others in the region. 

Mission Hill Kelowna

Mission Hill, The place to be for wine lovers

It’s a beautiful place to be. I am not a wine drinker, in fact I don’t drink any kind of liquor because of my allergy but still I enjoyed our visit at Mission Hill. So I guess I will just rely on my friends feedback that so far their wines are great. But I can tell you about the place because the place was something that kept me busy. Busy walking around, busy taking photos and busy just admiring the mountains and vineyard view.

Mission Hill Tower

The architecture of Mission Hill building was truly impressive. The entrance itself was designed in such a way that you will feel welcome in this place. We entered the courtyard through the main entrance which is a huge arched held together by single keystone. After passing the keystone, we were greeted by the expansive well manicured courtyard facing the mountain and vineyards. From the courtyard, we can see the 12 story bell tower and the al fresco terrace restaurant.

Mission Hill Canada

Tasting Bar

A winery estate will not be the same without a tasting bar. The bar is open daily and there is n o appointment needed.

Mission Hill Tasting Bar

Wine Tour

They also offer winery tours on site. Although reservation is recommended, you can also just join whatever on-going tours they have when you arrive. The tour last for 60 minutes.

Winery Tour at Mission Hill

Terrace Restaurant

They also have an in-house restaurant in the area, the “Terrace Restaurant”. Enjoy the food and wine while admiring the mountain view and rows and rows of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay fields. It is not open all year round, so better to check their schedule if you are interested to dine there. They are normally open starting the month of May.

Mission HillMission Hill at Kelowna BC Canada

Fruit Picking, a MUST activity

Aside from wineries, Kelowna is also known for fruit picking. Do you like cherries, apples, peaches, plums or apricots? They have them all there. Fruit picking is one activity that tourist do when they visit the place. We had the chance to do that few times and it was a fun experience. Most farms also sell pre-picked fruits, but for me where’s the fun in that? It’s the experience of picking the fruits fresh from the tree that makes the experience different, so that’s what we did. Important thing to check if you are going for fruit picking is to check what fruit is in season. For example, cherries and apricots are between July-August, apples are August-October peaches are July – September, plums and pears are August-September.

Peach Picking at Kelowna BC CanadaPlum Picking at Kelowna BC Canada

Visit City Park of Downtown Kelowna

Downtown Kelowna is also worth stopping by. It’s a nice place to walk around, sit, relax, eat and just do nothing. We walked around the waterfront city park.

It was a short trip, but I would say it was a nice one. I enjoyed every minute of it and I wouldn’t mind going back again given the chance. I hope ou enjoyed our short trip to Kelowna, until next time. Bye!

Kelowna City ParkCity Park Kelowna

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