30 Meat FREE Dishes That Taste Good

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This Homemade Cinnamon Apple Filling is super easy and simple to make. It’s great filling for apple pie,tart,turnover, bread roll and muffins. Check it out.

Happy Meat FREE Monday guys! Today is going to be a different meat free Monday blog post because instead of just 1 recipe, I’m giving you 30 Meat FREE dishes that you can choose from. That’s 30, and I’m hoping that would be enough for you to give Meat FREE Monday or any day of the week a chance. 

30 MeatFreeDishesCollection

It’s been 8 months now since I started my meat free Monday series, time flies. For those of you who are first time visitor, I try to post a Meat Free dish at least once a week, I do it every Monday but that doesn’t mean that you cannot make it in any other day. Call it meat free Tuesday, Wednesday or any day of the week, the idea is to be incorporate a healthy meal option at least once a week. It’s not really that difficult because you can make whatever suit your taste. Choose the vegetables that you like to eat and be creative in how you use it. These are just 30 among the thousands of meat free options you have online, I’m pretty sure there is something there for you. You will be surprise how fun it is to prepare something new and delicious. Let me show you what I have in my list, scan the list and check which one you like and let me know which want you make. Let’s get started. 

30 Meat FREE Monday Ideas:

  1. Stir Fry Eggplant & Tofu with Chilles
  2. Paneer Curry
  3. Mushroom and Spinach Omelette Enchiladas
  4. Baked 4 Cheese and garlic Spaghetti Squash
  5. Baked Mashed Potato
  6. Black Beans Avocado Quesedilla
  7. Vegetarian Buddha Bowl
  8. Grilled Tikka Tofu Skewers
  9. Chickpea Curry
  10. Vegetarian Cheesy Zucchini Tots
  11. Vegetarian Minestrone Soup
  12. Quinoa Fried Rice
  13. Teriyaki Tofu with Spinach
  14. White Beans with Spinach and Tomato
  15. Feta and Tomato Pizza Pie
  16. Garlic Lemon Butter Pasta Primavera
  17. Ratatouille with Poached Egg & Toast
  18. Mushroom and Spinach Grilled Cheese
  19. Vegetarian Lasagna (Zucchini, Spinach & Eggplant)
  20. Vegetarian Gyros
  21. Tofu Red Curry in Thai Coconut Sauce
  22. Stir Fry Tofu and Brocolli
  23. Mushroom and Spinach Quiche
  24. Mixed Vegetable Fajitas
  25. Spaghetti Squash with Kale and Tomato
  26. Paneer Biryani Rice
  27. Spicy Chickpea Curry
  28. Cauliflower Fritters
  29. Cauliflower and Quinoa Meatballs in Coconut Sauce
  30. Cauliflower and Quinoa Vegetarian Meatballs

Enjoy! If you make this, share and tag me in Instagram #SweetNSpicyLiving. I would like to see your creations too.

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