[VIDEO] Explore British Columbia – Whistler: The Magical Forest of Vallea Lumina

Welcome to Vallea Lumina

Location:  4293 Mountain Square #211, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4
Website: https://vallealumina.com
Hours of Operation: 7:30 pm – 11:00pm
Entrance Fee: Yes, Adult 29 CAD Youth 24 CAD Child under 5 Free

Enchanting and magical is how I would describe my Vallea Lumina experience.

I have quite a few subscriptions on events and activities in Vancouver as well as areas near by. I was on my usual morning email housekeeping routine when I saw an article about Vallea Lumina. That was early July, a week before they opened the door to the public. I did not pay much attention to it but I mentioned it to a friend of mine who at that time was planning a Whistler vacation. They eventually went, fell in love with it and they highly recommend that I visit the place. 

I almost lost hope that I would be able visit this place. From Vancouver to Whistler is about 2 hours driving plus 10 minutes shuttle bus to the Vallea Lumina camp ground. But luckily, I was still able to make it there before they officially close the ground. 

It was a truly unbelievable experience. The place was enchanting and magical, far from what I expected it to be. I just cannot get enough of it. The thought of walking in the forest at night was something that I never thought I would do, and even more enjoy. That’s what I like to share with you today. 

What is Vallea Lumina? 

Vallea Lumina is a multimedia experience that combines emotive lights, videos, sounds, theatrical scenery and holograms that lead visitors through the woods at night in hopes of solving a decades-old mystery.

Vallea Lumina Whistler BC

How To Get There?

The price mentioned above includes entrance to the camp ground and round trip shuttle. There were 2 shuttle pickup locations and the shuttle arrived every 15 minutes. The drive from the pickup  point to the camp ground was about 10 minutes ride, it’s not that far. There’s no parking on site this is way everybody who wants to go there will have to take the shuttle bus. 

Vallea Lumina Entrance

Camp Ground

At the base camp, visitors can enjoy a hot chocolate while sitting in a nice wooden chair arranged around fire pits. The base camp have washroom, souvenir shop and concession stand that sells non-alcoholic beverage.

Nightwalk at Vallea Lumina

Night Walk at the Forest – How Long is The Walk?

This  is a very easy leisurely walk, but it is best to wear proper shoes for safety purposes. Although the place was dark, it was well lighten enough for people to walk safely and enjoy the place. It is basically a loop, and will take about 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on your physical condition and on how long you want to explore the place. 

What To Bring?

Wear comfortable walking shoes and clothes. If you are doing it in the late September or October, be sure to layer properly as it could get cold at the top, dress according to the weather. Water bottle is optional as this is a short hike at night and there is water fountain at the bottom.

Trail Condition

Although considered an easy hike, be prepared to climb some wooden stairs from time to time. The path was slightly elevated in some areas although there were also places that were flat and easy to walk. Lights were properly installed in most areas but there were also areas that could get quite dark. There were hand rails that were provided for areas with stairs and downhill walk. Because of this condition, it is not recommended for peopl with mobility issues.

What To Expect Along The Way?

The walk starts with a short stairs which will lead you to the first short show, a camp fire song. Each of the mini shows repeats over and over again and so you can watch it as many times as you like. Each show runs about 3 – 5 minutes long. There were 6 main spots to watch out for. The main attraction for me was the magical forest bridge surrounded by tall trees and highlighted with hundreds of dancing lights. Unfortunately, the place was kind of dark and I only had my small camera with me. I tried to capture it but it did not show anything. It was a magical and enchanting place, full of small bright lights like star-dust scattered everywhere. It was like being transported into a different fantasy world. Words are not enough to describe how magical that place was. Some things were meant to be experienced first hand, rather than captured in video and photos. But the good news is I was able to capture the other main stops. Let me show you what they are.

First Stop: Camp Fire Song

The first show will come about 10-15 minutes from the starting point. That’s the first musical song in the video. 

Vallea Lumina Show

Second Stop: Dancing Balloon Lights

This one is more like a lights shows. Different colored balloon lights where scattered everywhere. There were music playing as the lights changes their colors. It was a nice one to watch especially in a place that was dark 

Third Stop: The Talking Trees

These adorable talking trees were amazing! They look so real, I so love it. There were three of them along the way and they would definitely catch your attention.

Vallea Lumina Talking Trees

Fourth Stop: Mini Musical Show

There’s another mini musical show but it was too dark to be captured in my camera. The intro music and the end music in the video was taken from the fourth musical show.

Fifth Stop, The Grand Finale Show

Vallea Lumina Whistler

The grand finale is another musical show which is the last one shown in the video. This was longer than the other 2 and basically shows a summary of all the other shows. I love this one among all the other shows. I love the music, the changing colors, the effects, I love everything about it.

Vallea Lumina Night Walk at Whistler

After the show, you can stay at the base camp to have some hot chocolate around the bonfire or head back to the village. 

So if you happen to be in Whistler during the duration of Vallea Lumina, I strongly recommend to add it into your itinerary. It was quite a magical experience to remember. 

Thank You for visiting my website. Until our next travel adventure, this is SweetNSpicyLiving your travel buddy. Bye now! 

Vallea Lumina Whistler BC Canada

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