Celebrate Summer with 20 Everything Strawberry Dessert and Drinks

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I’m welcoming Summer with 19 mouthwatering delicious Strawberry desserts, that’s a great way to start Summer baking. Summer is my favorite season. Summer means longer days and warm weather, Summer means outdoor activities, Summer means Baking with fresh delicious fruits. Strawberry, Blueberry, Peaches Mango are my favorite Summer fruits, and they are one of the reasons why I look forward to Summer season. Since Strawberry is the first one that appeared in the market, I thought I’d give it a priority to be in the spotlight. Although there’s already Blueberries and Mango they are still not as sweet, so I’m having them in my queue until their time is up to be in the spotlight. I’ve collected 19 of my Strawberry treats for you. From bread, muffin, frosting, cake, tart, pie, crumble, drinks and ice cream. I love all of them in different ways, so I’m not going to pick which one is my favorite. Let me share my Strawberry collection with you and let me know which one do you like best to make. Let’s get started!

  1. Strawberry Banana Loaf Bread
  2. Strawberry Swirl Banana Muffins
  3. [VIDEO] Breakfast is Better with This Strawberry Pancake with Strawberry Sauce
  4. REAL Strawberry Buttercream Whipped Frosting (No Artificial Coloring)
  5. Strawberry Mango Slushie
  6. Small Batch Strawberry Crumb Bar
  7. [VIDEO] Small Batch Strawberry Streusel Yogurt Muffins
  8. [VIDEO] How To Make Fresh Strawberry Sauce
  9. Small Batch 3 Ingredients and No Preservatives Strawberry Jam
  10. Baked Strawberry Donut
  11. Strawberry Cobbler for Two
  12. Small Batch Strawberry Vinaigrette Dressing: Fresh and No Preservatives Added
  13. Strawberry Pie For Two
  14. [VIDEO] Sugar Free Strawberry Pineapple Cooler
  15. Baked Strawberry Cream Cheese Overnight French Toast
  16. Mini Fruit Pies: Peaches and Berries
  17. Strawberry Banana Frozen Yogurt
  18. Mexican Mango and Strawberry Mix Green Salad
  19. Strawberry Creme Cake
  20. Strawberry Shortbread Cheese Tart

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