Meat Free Monday: Mushroom Bourguignon Pasta using Vegan Homemade Pasta

Small Batch Mushroom Bourguignon Pasta For Two

If you’re following my blog, You’ve probably seen my 3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Pasta and my Mushroom Bourguignon posts. If not,  I hope you will have time to check them out as those two are the star of our recipe today. We’re going to use both to make Mushroom Bourguignon Pasta. When I was making the Mushroom Bourguignon, I was thinking on ways that I can serve it. I was able to came up with few in mind:

  • Serve it with steamed rice
  • Serve it with pasta
  • Serve it with mashed potato
  • Serve it as a chicken pot pie style, baked with puff pastry
  • Serve it with flatbread

I was determined to try all these, after having it with seamed rice now my next move is to serve it on pasta. It was delicious! The thick sauce was perfect when mixed with the pasta, it was so flavorful not to mention the pasta was fresh because I made my own. You don’t have to if you don’t feel like it, but I you are up for some fun and challenge, I encourage you try making your own pasta at home. It was very rewarding, and every single bite shoust “homemade”.

Mushroom Bourguignon

Now before we go any further, let us first reminisce the Mushroom Bourguignon because that will be the one that we are going to use as the sauce or mix-in for the pasta. In case you forgot how it looks like, here is it. This is a vegetarian version of the famous Beef Bourguignon.

Mushroom Bourguignon

How To Make  Mushroom Bourguignon

I have a separate post for this, click HERE for the recipe. But just to give you an idea on how simple this is, here it is. Check the full Mushroom Bourguignon post for the ingredients measurement.

Saute Vegetable and Spices:  To extract the flavor of the spices, you need first to saute the butter, onion, carrots, sugar, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme. Then you are going to add flour, this is what will make the sauce thick. It is like making a roux (cooked flour and butter mixture).

Add mushroom, tomato sauce and vegetable broth.  Next, just add the mushroom, tomato and broth, cover and simmer until the sauce is reduced to your liking.

That’s it! Super easy, right? This won’t even take 1 hour to cook, and it is super delicious. Once you have this, it is ready to use for our pasta. Add the pasta in the pan or pour the Mushroom Bourguignon over the pasta for a better presentation.

Small Batch Mushroom Bourguignon Pasta By SweetNSpicyliving

Now that we have the sauce ready, let’s talk about our homemade pasta. Yes, we are using homemade pasta for this recipe. But you are totally free to use store-bought if you do not have time, but I encourage you to try making your own pasta. It is not that difficult. The pasta that we are going to use today is a Homemade Vegan Pasta, if you remember I shared that post few weeks ago. Now it is time to put it to use, practice our pasta making skills and serve some fresh homemade pasta.

Small Batch Homemade Pasta

This Recipe Uses 3 Ingredients Homemade Vegan Pasta

Ok, do not panic and do not run away from me. I know it is super easy and convenient to just by ready to use pasta at the grocery, but making your own pasta at home is really worth it. If you are worried about the difficulty and that you do not have a pasta machine, well I am happy to tell you that the Vegan Pasta recipe I have in my website do not require any pasta machine, plus it only uses 3 ingredients. Flour, water and oil. Forget about the pasta machine, your hands are your tools for this recipe. A little bit of kneading, few minutes or rolling the dough and you got yourself a homemade fresh pasta.

Small Batch Egg FREE Pasta

Advantages of Fresh Homemade Pasta

Homemade Pasta can be used just the same as dried store-bought pasta. The big difference is that the homemade pasta cooks a LOT faster than dried store-bought pasta. You only need about 2 minutes to cook it, once it floats on the top, the pasta is done. That easy!

Second, the texture is different. Homemade pasta are softer and of course fresher. The softness of the homemade pasta also depends on how thin you are able to roll it.

It is cheaper to make your own pasta at home, considering the ingredients you need are very basic.

Small Batch Mushroom Bourguignon Pasta 2

I used to stock-up my cabinets with basic pasta, spaghetti and fettuccine are two of the most basic type of pasta that I used. Since I started making my own pasta, the process of cooking a pasta makes it even more interesting, I guess that is something that store-bought pasta cannot give you. The sense of accomplishment that you  made something from scratch, and that it taste great. I am really looking forward to making different variation, the likes of spinach pasta, sun dried tomato pasta, of course the very basic egg pasta is next on my list. I started with making ravioli before but I used pasta machine to make that. Now that I know I can make it without a pasta machine, I am even more keen to make my pasta every time I need it. That is how easy it is that I would rather manually knead the dough that take out my pasta machine.

Vegetarian Bourguignon

This recipe is divided into two part, the making of the pasta and the cooking of Mushroom Bourguignon. Both can be made ahead of time, so on the day that you are ready to serve it, all you need to do it to cook the pasta and re-heat the Mushroom Bourguignon. The recipe for each are found in 2 separate posts, click on each link get the ingredients and instructions. Let’s get started!



  1. Make the Homemade Vegan Pasta: Get the Full RECIPE HERE. You can also use Gnocchi or any regular store-bought pasta.
  2. Make the Mushroom Bourguinon: Get the Full RECIPE HERE.
  3. Drain the pasta and  transfer in a serving plate or directly mix it with the Mushroom Bourguignon. I had mine poured on top instead of mixing it. Garnish with parmesan cheese and serve with toast on the side.

Serves 2

Mushroom Bourguignon Pasta

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