[VIDEO] Explore Bohol Philippines: World National Heritage Chocolate Hills of Bohol, Philippines

One of the major attraction of Bohol City in Philippines is the Chocolate Hills. Having said that, a visit to Bohol is not complete without seeing this natural formation that looks like Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses. The Chocolate hills are the most famous tourist attraction in Bohol. The Chocolate hills were featured in the Philippine Tourism Authority’s list of Philippine tourist destinations and are the Philippines’ third National Geological Monument.

I’ve seen this a lot of times in TV, in magazines and in YouTube and I was always fascinated with them. Who wouldn’t be, there’s 1,776 of these hills so called chocolate hills scattered around the are in Carmen Bohol. I have to say it never failed to amazed me, it was such a great experience seeing this for real. They really do look like chocolate kisses.

Where is Chocolate Hills Located? 

The Chocolate Hills are an unusual geological formation found in Bohol, in the Central Visayas region of the Philippines.

What is Chocolate Hills? 

The Chocolate Hills is a famous attraction of f Bohol. These hills are small hills shaped like Hershey’s Kisses Chocolate. Estimated to be from 1,268 to about 1,776 individual hills spread over an area of more than 50 square kilometers. The domes vary in sizes from 30 to 50 meters (98 to 164 ft) high with the largest being 120 meters (390 ft) in height . The color off these hills vary depending on the season. During the dry season, the grass-covered hills dry up and turn chocolate brown making it resembles mini chocolate kisses.

Our last and final destination, Bohol’s top tourist attraction, the famous Chocolate Hills located at Carmen Town in Bohol. This is what I considered to be the highlight of all the attractions that we’ve visited and the one that I enjoyed and appreciate the most. Chocolate Hills is NOT a real chocolate. They are small cone shaped hills scattered around the area and they resemble more like chocolate kisses during the dry season. On wet season, the chocolate hills are covered with grass. There are about 1200 plus of this hills spread around the area more than 50 square kilometers. Each hills vary in size which could range between 30 meters to 120 meters in height. The surrounding area is used for corn and rice farming.

How to Buy Ticket for Chocolate Hills?

You can buy the ticket onsite. There is a building at the base where you can buy the ticket. The ticket at the time we went there was 50PHP per person. Once you have purchased the ticket, you can proceed and start walking up the stairs to get to the viewing point. The viewing point is not wheelchair accessible, you have to climb the stairs. I you are in a good condition, climbing this stairs is not a problem at all, it is quite steep. 

How Long Do You Need to Visit Chocolate Hills

1 hour is more than enough, but allocate 1 hour nonetheless so that you don’t rush. There’s two level viewing point the top, sometimes the lower viewing point tends to get crowded as it is the best area to take a photo or selfie. 

Chocolate Hills
Chocolate Hills Carmen Bohol

The Steps that Leads to the Look Out

To get to the viewing platform, you will start by climbing between 200 – 214 steps. Don’t worry, it’s as easy climb. You wouldn’t even notice it because of the magnificent view as you ascend in every step in the stairs. It could be and easy of difficult climb depending on your physical condition. This is also a good spot to take photos so don’t rush it, take your time and admire the view in every step. Once you get to the top, you will realized that it’s worth climbing those stairs, the view was amazing!

Chocolate Hills Philippines
Stairs to Chocolate Hills Bohol

There were 2 levels of viewing platforms and both gave a nice view of the chocolate hills. The lower platform was the favorite spot of most people to take  photos as it looks closer to the chocolate hills. It could get crowded a times as most people wanted to have a photo in the lower platform, so be in stand-by so that you can immediately step in when people starts to clear the area.

Upper Viewing Platform

This is the upper viewing platform, it is larger the the lower level and gave a different angle in the view of the surrounding area. It is also a good spot to watch the sunset in case you decide to stay late.

Sunset Watch at Chocolate Hils

Lower Viewing Platform

The lower viewing platform is the most photograph area, this is the ones that you will find when you search for Chocolate Hills. The area is a lot smaller than the upper platform, but gave a closer feel and better shot of the Chocolate Hills.

Chocolate Hills at Carmen Tagbilaran City
Bohol Chocolate Hills

The side road in the photo, that’s actually the road that lead to the base of the chocolate hills entrance.

Chocolate Hills Bohol

Visiting the Chocolate Hill is doable in 1 – 1/2 hours, but we stayed longer than planned because we waited for the sunset (6:00 pm). There were washroom, restaurant and small souvenir shops close to the ticket area at the base Chocolate Hills parking area. If you like to buy souvenir, be sure to ask what time the shop closes. When we went down past 6:00 pm, the shops were already closed and so we missed the chance to get the souvenir shirts that we wanted to buy.

Sunset Watch

It’s worth the wait, seeing the sunset from the top was such an amazing feeling. It was very quiet as there are only few people left and it was also very relaxing. It was a good way to end our sight seeing as this was the last attraction in our list.

Sunset at Chocolate Hills Viewing Platform
Sunset Watch at Chocolate Hills
Sunset Watch At Chocolate Hills Bohol SweetnSpictLiving.com

Is it worth the travel and time? YES of course. If there is only one attraction that you should visit, choose Chocolate Hills.This was the last itinerary for the day, after this we head back to Ocean Suites Resort for a relaxing evening.

Where to Stay in Bohol

We stayed at Ocean Suites Resort for our 1 day tourist attractions visit. have a peek at the place, watch the short video that I prepared.

It was a fun-filled full packed day, and that was just the beginning of our vacation, next stop Hennan Beach Resort at Alona Beach, Pangalao Island.

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