[VIDEO] Traveling Solo in Barcelona, Spain #6: Inside Casa Batlló | Antoni Gaudí Modernist Museum in Barcelona

Exploring Casa Battlo in Barcelona, Spain

Casa Batlló is a building in the center of Barcelona. It was designed by Antoni Gaudí, and is considered one of his masterpieces. A remodel of a previously built house, it was redesigned in 1904 by Gaudí and has been refurbished several times after that

General Information:

Website: https://www.casabatllo.es/en/
Address: Passeig de Gràcia, 43, 08007 Barcelona, Spain
Opening Hours:Open all year round, from 9:00 to 21:00.
(latest entry at 20:00)
With Entrance Fee: Yes; €25.00,€33.00,€35.00 (Chose your experience)

How Long Do You Need to Visit Casa Battlo?

On the average, around 1 -2 hours. I spent 2 hours because I had to take both photo and video and I really wanted to take my time going around.

How to Buy Casa Battlo Ticket?

There are 3 types of ticket  that you could choose from, each type of ticket allows you to access certain area in the building. You can get a discount when you  buy the ticket online (about €3.50 less). The prices are:

  • €25.00 (Blue): Visit + SmartGuide
    • Included: SmartGuide(Augmented Reality)
  • €33.00 (Silver):  SmartGuide Premium + Private Hall
    • Included: SmartGuide(Augmented Reality) + Private Hall(“modernista” style)
  • €35.00 (Gold Priority): Everything in your hands
    • Included: SmartGuide(Augmented Reality) + Private Hall(“modernista” style) +
    • VIP access(skip the line) + Vintage photo + Free cancellation

Casa Battlo was not originally in my itinerary for Barcelona, but since I am already there, I thought I should at least visit one attraction or architecture designed by the famous Antoni Gaudi. Antoni Gaudi the same architect who was involved in the design of Barcelona’s famous landmark, the Sagrada Familia. After having visited Sagrada Familia, I expect nothing less but more creativity and uniqueness in this Casa Batlo, and I have to say I want disappointed at all. Let me share with you my experience visiting this place.

What to do first when you get there 

If you don’t have the ticket yet, the first thing that you do is to line up to buy the ticket. Most of the time, I saw a long line up when I pass by the area. There are 2 separate lines, make sure to read the sign so you know which line you need to line up. I bought my ticket online ahead of time so I did not have to wait long to get in. I still have to line up, because I what I bought was the zx ticket. The VIP ticket is the one that you do not have to line up at all. Anyway, it was a quick line, about 10 minutes wait. 

When you get inside

Before you go up, you first have to get the headset and the phone for the self audio tour. The audio will give you a narration about each of the room in the house. The 3D Virtual tour using the phone is really cool! Here how it works

Select the no of the room that you are visiting, the narration will play for that room #. Hold the phone like you are taking a photo of the room, look at the phone screen and you will see an image of the same room but with furniture in it, just like how it looked like before. This gives you an image of the real room when it was still in use. It was awesome! So cool 

There were 6 floors. You can climb each level using a stairs or use the elevator/lift. If you are in a good physical condition, using the straits is the best way to explore this place. For me, more than the inside rooms, seeing the creativity of  outside walls and the glass roof is the highlight of the visit, plus of course going up the roof top. The rooms itself were empty, the intricate carving, walls and ceiling design were the main focus of each room. 

Casa Battlo

Highlights of Casa Battlo

Go up each floor one floor at a time so that you don’t miss any. Not all the rooms were equally interesting, some stands out from the other others. 

The Noble Room 

The Noble Room is the very heart and main attraction of the house. This is the first room when you reach the second floor, right after you reach the top stairs. The large picture window over looking the shopping street Paseo de Gracia. Take your time and look around, note the large oak door with organic shapes and stained glass panes. Do not forget to look up, as the ceiling itself deserves your attention. A totally wavy ceiling, which almost looks like waves in the sea.

Living Room at Casa Battlo

When you enter the room you will be greeted with large high ceiling room with late hanging chandelier in a curved ceiling. The window trimmings were decorated with different colors of glass pieces. 

The Casa Battlo Prototype

There was a room holding the model of Casa Battlo. What was very interesting and fascinating about the model is the fact they you can visualize how it looks like by using the Smart Guide. Simply position the phone on the model and you will see the inside of each room.

The Kitchen

Another area that I like is the kitchen overlooking the courtyard. From the kitchen window, you can see the turtle piece made from mosaics. It was such a creative and unique decorative piece

The Kitchen at Casa Battlo  barcelona Spain
The Courtyard at Casa Battlo  Barcelona Spain

The Patio Lights

Another one thing that caught my attention were the patio lights. The patio of lights are a very important part of the house, as it distributes the air and light that enter through the main skylight, look at the top and see how the light comes in and how it affects the tiled walls of the patio. The patio was decorated with tiles of different blue tones. Pay close attention and you will notice that the upper part have more intense color, while the bottom tiles are lighter shades. This was not just for aesthetics, but to ensure the uniform distribution of the light.

Casa Battlo  Barcelona Spain

The Indoor Garden

Right outside the kitchen is an indoor garden designed. Watch out for the beautifully designed floored tiles and plant hangers on the wall and glass-coated flower pots as its main decorative elements.

The Roof Terrace

Probably one the most favorite place(second to the living room) in Casa Battlo is the roof terrace area. This gives a closer look at the colorful roof trimmings and the creatively crafted chimney. It was also a good place to admire the view. This place gets quite busy and crowded so you have to be patient if you want to get a good photo.

The Roof Top Casa Battlo  Barcelona Spain

The main focal point of the roof terrace are the 4 crooked and polychrome chimney stacks and the facade which decorated with colored tiles and referred to as the dragons back.

The Broiler Room

This was one unique room in Casa Batlo. It was a boiler room that Antoni Gaudi designed with a water illusion on the surrounding walls. 

Tips in Visiting Casa Battlo

  • Book Ahead: Although Casa Battlo is not as crowded as other major attraction in Barcelona, it is still worth buying the ticket online to save whatever time you could. Early morning (9:00 – 11;)0am) or late evening (6::00 – 9:00PM) is the best time if you are looking for a less crowded visit.
  • Have Your Camera with You: This could be a once in a lifetime trip for you (or maybe not), so make sure that you have your camera with you so that you can take photo of the place
  • Take Your Time: the best way to appreciate every corner of this place is by going around in every room. Do not skip any room, you will never know what you’ll find out in each room.
  • Take the Stairs: If you are physically able to walk the stairs, I encourage you to do so. Walking up the stairs will give you the opportunity the see the beautiful colorful tiled walls of the inside patio as you ascend in every floor.
  • Listen to the Audio Guide: If you purchase the ticket with audio guide, take the time to actually listen to it as you enter each room. You will gain information about each room that will make the appreciation of the place better.

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