Far and Away. A Boating Picnic Away from Everybody

Today was really a fun filled day and I want to share it with you. With Summer just 1 day away, and with temperature hitting 20C+, staying at home makes it very uncomfortable. Although the restrictions had been eased a bit, going out in a crowded place still makes me feel uneasy. I still prefer doing outdoor activity in a not so crowded place, the likes of hiking, biking and boating. Today was a great day, not to hot to be in the open water so we decided to do a half day boating picnic activity. It was so much fun, here how it goes.

We started our day at 9:00am and head to Horseshoe Bay Marina to rent a boat. The place was quiet, and not so crowded. In fact, as you can see there is nobody in the marina at all. There were few others renting the boat for that day, it was very minimal and people are very disciplined in following the rules in place. The check-in was fast and we were out in the water in no time

We rented an 8 seater boat, quite big for only 3 of us but it was quite nice to have the space to ourselves. In fact, I had the entire back to myself while my 2 friends took the front seat. I cannot complain with that, just seating, relaxing and enjoying the view. I had the back, side and front view and I can move around and sit wherever I please. I keep on moving around and it was just comfortable wherever I locate myself. Again, no complains just thankful 🙂

We started really slow exiting the Marina, and as soon as we are outside the perimeter where we can speed up, it was time to fly away ! I love feeling of the speed and the feel of fresh air on my face. I was actually worried that I was not properly layered and that I will be uncomfortable the entire trip because of the cold. Thankful it did not turned out that way. But if there is one thing I wished I did not change my mind was, I hoped I wore my rubber shoes instead so my feet are covered. I did checked the weather before leaving and it shows warm enough. I underestimated that it could be colder in the open water, also not expecting that it will be slightly overcast. My feet were a bit cold, but manageable, and the life vest kept me really warm and cozy. So in the end it all worked out. Plus the sun came out a bit so it got a little bit warmer. It was actually a nice weather after all, I would prefer a slightly cold weather than a hot one. I had tried boating in full sun before and it was uncomfortable.

The entire boating trip took about 4 hrs. We went around the scattered islands snd I was amazed to see the huge overlooking beautifully houses by the water. I wonder how it feels like leaving in one of them just for few days. Few days is all I can take, they were so detached from civilization that I cannot imagine myself living there even if I retire. I will get bored for sure no matter how huge the house. But the again, that will not happen so no point on talking about it. This is just one of the huge house that we saw. Wall to wall glass and overlooking the water. Wow!

We stopped for few minutes to have our picnic lunch. I made some steamed buns (Siopao), half and half sweet and savory pull-apart bread that I am excited to share with you guys. It was a hit snd my friends loved it, QA approved! That made me happy. My friends are my food tasters, so lucky to have friends who are willing to be my testers. This is how the bread looks like, half is a triple cheese pull apart and the other half is Strawberry and Chia Seed Jam with Cream Cheese pull apart. I thought this will be a good idea to give both sweet and savory options, and it worked! I will be making more variations of this for sure.

We also had hard boiled egg ( I love hard boiled eggs!) fresh fruits, chips, nuts and chocolates. We have more then enough for the whole day. One would think that would be enough to keep us full, well, kind off. But … of course there’s a but coming

After we returned the boat, we walked around to find ice cream! There’s always room for ice cream in most of our “food trip”. We found Baskin and Robbins, no too bad. We all ordered 2 scoops of ice cream and sat in a bench while looking at the Marina and just chatting about anything under the sun. The entire day was almost perfect, except for one thing. My friend lost his favourite cap. We saw it floating, tried to come close to it to get it but the tide kept pushing it away. Plus the optics are really not good. The the glare in the water, it was difficult to see it floating. We circled twice and nothing. Aside from that, everything was great so far.

This was truly another great day to remember. Being able to enjoy the day outside even with safety measure is another reason to be thankful. Thankful for the fun, for the safety, for friends that are my family here, thankful for everything.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and until my next adventure. I wonder where it will be. Actually, I have an idea and it involves nature and another “food trip” (as always) Stay tune for that. Hoping for the weather to cooperate. Bye now! 👋 gotta go to my garden to pick some Kale and Lettuce for tomorrow and probably some Netflix time before I go to sleep.

What a day! ❤️👍🏻

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