Fleurs de Villes: Stunning Floral Display in Downtown Vancouver

Hi Guys! First of all, Happy Fathers Day to all the Fathers out there and soon to be fathers. I hope you are having fun being pampered by your loved ones because fathers deserves it. My greeting is already a bit late, but nonetheless, Happy Father’s Day. Ok, now let’s get down to a flowery business.

Today I went to downtown Vancouver to check the stunning floral display scattered all around downtown. the event is called Fleurs de Villes ROSE. Let me show you how it goes.

Fleurs de Ville ROSE is a floral trail supporting breast cancer research. The event is from June 11 – 20, 2021 and features 50 stunning floral instillation around downtown Vancouver. The event is open and free to the public.

Although I can start from anywhere, I decided to follow the flow and start at #1. I took a photo of the map so I can easily follow where I should go next.

The first 5 instillations are inside Vancouver Fairmont Hotel which is just few minutes walk from Vancouver City Center station where I usually get off when heading to work. My goal was to see most of it if not all. I just want it to be a relaxing day walking in downtown.

I started about 2:30pm and walked slowly stopping and taking photos whoever I see one. Since the restrictions has been ease out a bit, there is more crowd now in downtown as compared to past few months. It seems a lot of people are relaxing already, quite a lot are no longer wearing mask and sometimes are too close to each other. I wore my masks even though it was outside and kept my distance just to be safe. Sometimes I had to wait for the spot to be cleared out before I can take a photo.

There are 50 instillations and I took photo whenever I see one. I was not too concerned of being strict to make sure I see all. No pressure. There are a lot of stunning installations and there are some that are mediocre, nonetheless it was nice seeing them. I had to pick few of my favorites because it will be too much to load all 50 here. I will upload all photos in my FB account, you can check it there to see the rest.

The materials are a mix of fresh, dried and plastic flowers and plants which makes sense. I actually thought that they will all be fresh, and I was wondering that will be a lot of work keeping it fresh for 10 days especially the ones that are displayed outside. The only reason ones that are indoors are the first 1-5 in Fairmont Hotel, and even those are not all fresh.

This one here is one of my favourite, it just looks so cool having that instillation sitting on the edge. I almost missed it have I not looked up while crossing the street. This is actually 2 of the ones that were installed above.

This is one of the 2 cars instillations that seems to be a favourite of many. There are quite a lot of mannequins instillation so seeing something different is really nice. This one is a combination of fresh and artificial flowers.

Just beside the car is this adorable bike floral instillation, another one of my favorite. This is one of the busiest area and it took few minutes before I was able to take a photo. People of all ages are posing but more often are women, I wonder why?? Lol.

This is the 3rd heart ❤️ instillation that I saw. Simple but beautiful. I guess it’s the way it was installed on a plant covered wall. I had to cross the street to be able to take a full shot and capture the buildings on each side.

Another mannequin instillation, what makes this stand out for me is the almost like umbrella covering it.

This is one of the major instillations, there are actually 3 items here. The fountain and the 2 mannequins in front. They are quite far apart so taking a photo of it with all 3 items are quite challenging. I managed to capture few but I feel that it doesn’t give justice to how stunning it is in the actual

So basically this is how it looks like. I wanted to take the portrait but I cannot get the full building background at the back. It is quite small already but just to give you an idea on how the 3 instillation looks together

Well this one is quite different, I wouldn’t say my favorite but it is definitely different from the rest so I thought I’d include it .

This one here is really stunning. I like the different materials and shades of pink. This was located in front of the hotel. Looks really elegant

This is the 2nd car instillation, which is quite the opposite of the other one which is white and more feminine. This one is bold, but posh and elegant looking.

This was one of the last instillation located in Vancouver Art Gallery.

Just below is another heart ❤️ instillation. I like how it was positioned at the bottom of the stairs.

I was done at about past 5pm which is just as I have estimated. It was a nice day walking in downtown, it was worth going there to see this floral instillation. Today is the last day of the display and I am so glad I was able to see most of them.

Thank You for reading this post. I hope you had fun looking at this floral installations. The weather is definitely getting warmer and warmer which means more outdoor activity to come. Stay tuned for my next adventure. Until next time. Bye now!

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