Easy Homemade Fruit Filling and How To Use Them

So you got excited and made bottles and bottles of homemade fruit filling and jam. Now you’re looking at them nicely stacked in your fridge, but then you asked yourself where on earth will I use all these stuff? Worry no more, I got you covered with plenty of suggestions on where to use them. I even have recipes that uses a lot of these fruit filling so sit back, relax and start putting on your baking to do list because these fresh fruit filled desserts are absolutely irresistible.

Fruit Filling Collage

Summer is the time to make use of the abundance of fresh sweet fruits. Eat them fresh or make them into fruit sauce or jam. Making fruit sauce and jam is one thing that I love to do  during Summer. I cannot get enough of them, it’s the time of the year where I can totally forget on using canned fruit filling. Among my favorite are Peach, Strawberry, Blueberry, Mango, Cherry, Apple and Pineapple. Most of my fruit sauce and filling are small batch, but it’s very flexible to double to make a large batch. I do that sometimes specially when the fruit season is close to end. I made large batch of them to keep the Summer extended until Fall. Good thing about it, fruit sauces and filling are cooked in sugar so it could last longer when stored properly.

Fruit Pie Filling

6 Homemade Fruit Sauces and Filling

Fruit Jam

Where can I use fruit sauce and filling?

I gather up few of my recipes that uses these fresh fruit filling. They are easy and simple, and absolutely delicious. From pie, tart, crumb bars, cake, muffin, bread and ice cream, there’s a lot to choose from. Let’s get on the list

Small Batch Strawberry Pie

Pie & Tart

Combine fresh fruits with cooked fruit and you’ll get the best texture in your pie filling. Bet of all, the pie will not be soggy from too much liquid which often happens when you use all fresh fruit. Even the addition of cornstarch to thicken the sauce is not enough in making the sauce thick and not runny.

Blueberry Pie For Two


Instead of using honey or syrup, use fruit sauce. They give the sweetness plus chucks of fresh fruit taste

Homemade Small Batch Blueberry Pancakes

For Sundae, Ice Cream & Crepe 

Skip the artificial sauce and use homemade sauce for sundae and ice cream, the best!

Cherry Sauce

For French Toast 

French Toast with homemade fruit sauce on top, plus more fresh fruit on the slide, delish!

Strawberry Cream Cheese Overnight French Toast

Hand Pie

Small pie needs big flavor and taste. Use fruit Jam of reduced fruit sauce as filling for the hand pie, they are hands down the best, like my Apple Hand Pie here or Apple Turnover.

Small Batch Apple Hand Pie

Filling for Crumb Bars and Cakes

Make the BEST crumb bars by using fruit sauce or filling. They are thicker and more flavorful and works well with crumb toppings.

Peach Jam Crumb Bars

Filling for Bread

Cinnamon Apple Roll

For Muffin

Cinnamon Apple Streusel Muffin

As Toppings for Cake 

Fresh fruit sauce are great for use as toppings for cake. A simple Vanilla cake will no longer be simple looking once you pour some homemade Strawberry sauce on top.

Small Batch Piña Colada Cake

For Cobblers

Mix up some fresh fruit with the fruit sauce to get a nice combination of texture

Strawberry Cobbler Small Batch

There’s so many ways that you can use fruit sauce and Jam. Stock them up and enjoy the Summer!

Fruit Sauce/Pie Filling

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