[VIDEO] Explore BC Canada: One of the Top Tourist Attraction in Vancouver is Granville Island, Find Out Why

Granville Island is one of British Columbia hot tourist attractions. Contrary to the name Granville Island, it is not really an island. I was fooled by the name myself when I first came here in Canada to leave. My friends who are also a landed immigrant talk about this place a lot of time. I had the impression that it was an island and that I need a boat to get to it, gladly, not really.

Granville Island is NOT an Island

Granville Island is not an Island, this is not an isolated piece of land surrounded by water that would require you a boat to get there. It is not totally detached or isolated, there is a small portion that is connected to the land although the place has water that surrounds it. I just thought that I should clarify this because when I first heard about it, I thought it was a real detached island. I was not disappointed at all to found out it is not, because it means that it is more accessible and I wouldn’t require any special mode of transportation to get there. That made me happy 🙂 and that is a good news for you too. Let’s checkout what activities we can do at Granville Island.

I love visiting this place for several reasons, and I think most people share the same feeling as I do

  • Very accessible to public transport which is a huge deal for me, but it also have parking spaces for people who prefer driving to get there
  • It is a small attraction that is fun to explore by foot
  • Granville Island is heaven for foodies like me. The attraction is packed with variety of restaurant, cafe and the famous Granville Market where you will find mouthwatering food, desserts plus stunning fresh produce, seafoods and meat. A walk inside the Market alone is an attraction for most people, including me
  • It has a lot of quaint unique shops that are fun to visit
  • It has stunning water view from the platform where you can eat your food while enjoying the view
  • Last but not the least, but my favorite reason to visit this place: it has a nice short walking path that leads to Science World in Olympic Village. Another great place to hangout and have more food after a short walk

When you enter Granville Island you will be greeted with rows of seafood restaurants, and as you walk towards the Market, you will pass by shops and galleries.

The first I do when I visit Granville Island is to do window shopping in the souvenir shops. Although I do not buy anything, just browsing and walking around is a lot of fun.

Granville Market

My main destination is always the Granville Market which is the center of activity in this area. It is a dry market selling fresh fruits and vegetables, pastries, frozen soups, cheese, seafood and an area for dining. This place is packed with people during Summer, at least pre-pandemic.

I often buy snacking food more than full meals because I like being able to try a little bit of everything. The likes of bread, pastry, cakes, pizza and ice cream. My comfort food especially during hot Summer days.

Although there is a small dining area inside the market, I often prefer to have it to go and enjoy eating it outside while seating on the bench facing the water

I have to mention though that Granville Island shops are quite more expensive as this is a tourist attractions, even fresh produce are more expensive compared to when buying it in a local non tourist attraction market.

My last activity is a short walk ending at Science World in Olympic Village. There is a dedicated paved walking path at the back. The view was stunning, and for me is a nice way to end my visit to Granville. I often stop at this spot to admire the view.

The walk will probably take 30 minutes depending on your speed. You can also bike or skate. There is a dedicated lane for bikers and people walking. The path ends at Olympic Village where the Science World is located. The famous huge globe structure that lights up at night, and changes colors during the holidays.

There are also restaurants and small shops in this area in case you got hungry from the walk.

Visiting Granville Island is all about food. And I tell you, it will not disappoint you. The choices are so many for all types of food presence. Good food, stunning view, why not? No wonder locals and tourist are love this place anytime of the year. I shared a more detailed posts on what you can do at Granville Island, check out this post HERE

Thank You for taking tine to read this post. Until my next adventure. Bye now!

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