[VIDEO] Food Trip: European Style Artisanal Croissant @Angus T Cafe

There is so much to see, try and experience in British Columbia. From places to visit to foods to savorand enjoy. I love doing both, and outings and trips are not complete without adding the food in the equation. So in this post, I am sharing with my review and experience on the restaurants and food that I’ve tried in British Columbia.

British Columbia is a large place, maybe not as big as Alberta or Toronto but we have a fair share of different places that offers amazing delicious food. From simple casual dining to elegant and posh restaurants, not to mention small pop up cafe, food trucks and small kiosks. I’ll take you with me as I try foods and restaurants that I used to go to and I had never tried before. This will be also little food trip escaped.

Are you ready? Let’s go and start out food trip!

The first time I saw the adds for Angus T was in the train station. Funny because the first thing I thought of when I read “Angus” was the beef, so I was a bit confuse seeing the image of a Croissant. I did not immediately visit the place, until one day when I was searching for breakfast places in Vancouver and I found this cafe. I remembered the add, googled it, checked the menu and decided I have to give it a try.

The first time we went there, we arrive close to 4PM closing time. There were only 5 butter Croissants 🥐 left, nothing else. So you guess right, we ended up buying just that. It was great, but I have to try the flavored one, and so I came back early enough to catch the best they have to offer. We were told to come between 10:00am – 11:00am if we want to catch all the variations available. So this time around, I was outside 9:55 am. I thought I was early, but not really. They were already open, and there’s already a line up. They are more of a take out cafe although they have a seating area, 2 tables and a long bar table style.

Today I am taking you to a simple pastry breakfast place that specializes in Croissants 🥐! Yes, the flaky, buttery and creamy croissant that we all love. That croissant that take forever to make at hone. I’ve made croissant at hone and I have to tell you, even the simplified version is not that easy to make. I wish I could say that I’ve reached the stage where I can confidently say that I’ve successfully made one that I can truly say that is at par with cafe quality. Sadly no, and I don’t think I will ever be. So when it comes to Croissant, this is one pastry than o would rather buy ready to enjoy than make it myself. This is one pastry that I am willing to pay for more because it’s worth it.

Angus T Cafe

General Information

  • Restaurant Type: Cafe Style
  • Address:
  • Website:
  • Hours of Operation: 10:00 am – 4:00PM everyday
  • Affordability: Pastry price ranges from 5 – 6CAD/piece

Food Review

I ordered quite a LOT for this visit, but they are not all for me. This is what happens when I find something that I love, I share them with my friends. Remember, sharing is caring ❤️

3 Cheese, Spinach and Feta, Earl Grey Croissants

I’ve always been a savory and sweet eater. What does that even mean? It means a lot of times I like to start with something savory first then end it with something sweet. Although there’s always an exception to the rule. Sometimes when my sweet tooth craving strikes, I eat sweets like cake for breakfast. Not to be a bad influence but you should try it sometimes, cake does breakfast is amazing 🙂 But in general, cake is amazing anytime of the day for me. Just saying.

Ham & Cheese Croissant

Having said that, I started with the Ham and Cheese 🥐 Croissant. I expected nothing less and I wasn’t disappointed at all. I mean look at that layers! That’s tons of flaky layers which makes this Croissants a winner, a true croissants in every essence. I judge some food with a certain trademark associated to it. For instance, Croissants. An amazing true Croissants carries the trademark of layers and flakiness. You should be able to see layers and layers and layers of thin flaky buttery delicious goodness. It should be talk and beautifully puff up, and you should be able to taste the butter in every bite. Butter… lots of butter is what makes Croissant such a sinfully delicious pastry. This is the pastry that you eat and you do not even think of how much calories in one piece or worst, in every bite. That’s how you fully enjoy it 🙂

This Ham and Cheese Croissant have it all. Multiple flaky layers that is thin and light as a feather. It so light it is almost hollow in the inside because of the thin flaky layers. It has just the right amount of ham and cheese inside, a pretty generous thick slices of ham if I may say. The combination of ham, cheese and butter light Croissants is great. This is one savory variation that I would recommend you try. If you don’t like to with Ham, try their 3 Cheese instead. Similar to this one but without the ham.

Pistachio Croissant

Moving on to a sweet variation, Pistachio Croissant. I have always been the savory and sweet eater. What does that even mean? It means I enjoy eating savory item first, then followed by sweet. Sometimes it becomes a repeat until I have k no o more space to eat. I like alternating savory, sweet, savory sweet. Sometimes I finish the savory first before I start the sweet, but sometimes a take alternate bites of savory amd sweet. I feel like the salty and sweet is balanced by doing this savory and sweet switch. There are days however when my sweet Tooth kicks in and I want to get my hands of sweet items, like cake for breakfast. It’s good, give it a try sometime.

Back to this croissant. I like anything with Pistachio, so for me this is a no brainer, I’ve got to have it. It immediately made to my top sweet variations to try, there’s a lot to try so I will be keep on coming back until I tried them all. One bite at a rime 🙂

The croissant itself is as flaky, light and buttery as the savory variation. Starting from savory immediately made the taste difference obvious to me. I can immediately taste the change to the sweet pastry, but don’t get me wrong. It’s not sweet, sweet but just perfect. It’s just after eating the savory, the sweet taste of the pistachio Croissant floats immediately.

There was a light frosting on top with chopped Pistachio. It tasted like a whipped cream frosting, so soft, light and fluffy and not too sweet. But there’s more than meet the eye, a surprise jam spread inside the Croissant. It tasted like Strawberry jam or Raspberry jam, can’t make up my mind on it. The jam has a perfect tangy and sweet taste that matches perfectly with the sweet flaky Croissant and light whipped frosting. I like that element of surprise, not expecting the jam and seeing it made me excited to take a bite.

One thing though, the chopped Pistachio and the flavored or colored frosting does not have enough Pistachio flavor. Maybe because Pistachio itself have a very mild flavor, it was challenging to impact a strong taste of that flavor in this variation. If you close your eyes and eat it, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this is a Pistachio flavor Croissant. Will I recommend it? Yes, I still recommend you try it. Just don’t get your hopes high in terms of the Pistachio flavor.

Chocolate Croissant

Pain chocolate or Chocolate Croissant is the one that I am excited to try the most more than anything else. For me this variation comes first on my top list to try. When I went last week, at 9:55 am, they were already sold. There are a lot other options like you Ham and Cheese, Pistachio that I mentioned above. However, I cannot have this post publish without having pain Chocolate and Almond Croissant as part of my food trip. So I went back the following week, as early as 9:00am to make sure I can try some this time.

Chocolate Croissant
Chocolate Croissant

Because the other variations are all amazing so far, my expectations for this one is quite high which is maybe why I was very disappointed. No question about the Croissant Pastry at all, all the variations uses the same Croissant pastry, it’s the filling and toppings that makes it different from one another. This chocolate croissant barely have chocolate filling inside. It is VERY thin and was only on half the side of the croissant. I literally had to open it up to make sure I got the correct croissants as I can hardly see the chocolate inside. Although I love chocolate, this is one variation that I would not probably buy again unless I don’t have any other option. Don’t get me wrong, it is delicious but just not enough chocolate for the size of the croissant. If you like your croissant with only small amount of chocolate inside, then you will probably like this. In the end, you will never know until you try.

Chicken and Sundried Tomato Croissant

Chicken and Sundried Tomato Croissant

Let’s try another savory variation. This time, Chicken and Sundried Tomato. The combination of chicken and sun dried tomato works well for me. The croissant is delicious but could be made better with a bit more spices and seasoning to bring out the flavor of the chicken and tomato. The Ham and Cheese definitely have more flavor and taste but in the end, it is good. I’ll probably try it again.

Almond Croissant

The Almond Croissant is their brand focus variation. This is the one that they use in their advertisement. It looks slightly different from their other Croissants in the sense that this looks a bit flat. I am assuming it’s because it the Almonds I top that is weighing the croissant down thus making it a bit flat. I was exited to try this because I love anything with Almonds, plus it they use this to advertise their product, it must be that good to be in the front line.

It was ok, but not great. I find the dough not as flaky as the others. If you compare this to the Pistachio, you can see the difference in terms of the layers and flakiness . One thing that I hope they will do better is the filling. Just like the Chocolate Croissant, the almond filling inside is not enough for you to be able to actually appreciate it. As I said, it was ok but this will not be on my top 3 if I will need to choose only few to order again.

Green Tea Croissant

I wouldn’t say that Green Tea is a favorite of mine, but for some reason it always find it’s way to my list. I guess I am curious on how good they can make it taste. Green tea although mild have a very distinct taste that when not done properly end up being a bad experience rather than a good memorable one. This however fall on the later. I always like my green tea baked goodies to taste subtle, and this is how exactly they made it. The Croissant have a light dusting of icing sugar with matcha powder and the inside was filled with Green Tea frosting. It was light, not too sweet and enjoyable to eat. I love the matcha cream filling inside, so creamy. If you like green tea, I recommend you try this.

Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate was ok, but nothing exceptional about it. I find it a bit lacking in chocolate flavor and a bit water down. I guess I was looking for a dark chocolate flavored that have a stronger taste. I think tea will be a better pair to the Croissant because Croissant itself although light in weight will make you feel quite heavy feeling after eating it because of a lot of butter in it.

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