[VIDEO] 4 Ingredients Vietnamese Coffee

Today we are going to have something to kick us and keep us awake and going. It’s coffee time. For coffee lovers out there, you’ve probably tried Vietnamese Coffee (or maybe not), and for not so much coffee lover you’re probably new to this coffee. Regardless which side you are on, Vietnamese is worth exploring, you might end up liking it.

I am more of a tea drinker. Tea or lemon water is what I drink most of the days especially during the morning. I cannot handle too much caffeine or strong coffee as I am getting a palpitations. So when I make coffee, it is very mild and had more milk than coffee in it. It’s almost like a milk drink that a coffee. I do however fancy iced coffee from time to time, and if I can, I will add whipped cream on top of it, because why not?

I like my coffee milk, with plenty of milk and ice and with less bitterness and more on sweet taste. It probably defeats the idea of a pure coffee but that’s how I like.

Another thing that I love, condensed milk! This type of milk is thick, so thick and creamy. It is basically reduced milk and sugar, and it taste so delicious. This kind of milk is very common in the Philippines where I grew up. We used it for desserts, fruit salads, potato salad, avocado and I personally use it to dunk my plain white sandwich bread. Just describing it makes me what to have one now. Even now that I live in Canada, I still use it for the same purpose, and now I am adding this Vietnamese Coffee on where I can use it.

What is Vietnamese Coffee?

Vietnamese Iced Coffee is a traditional Vietnamese coffee recipe. At its simplest, cà phê đá is made using medium to coarse ground dark roast Vietnamese-grown coffee with a small metal Vietnamese drip filter. After the hot water is added, the drip filter releases drops of hot coffee slowly into a cup. This finished cup of hot coffee is then quickly poured into a glass full of ice making the finished Vietnamese iced coffee. (wikipedia)

Vietnamese Coffee

Shortcut Vietnamese Coffee

Let me start by saying this is not an authentic Vietnamese Coffee for a good reason. First, I do not have a dark roast Vietnamese Coffee on hand. I used diluted instant coffee powder which is I know a big No, No for purist coffee drinker but that is what I have. Another alternative is brewed coffee, if you have new or even leftover brewed coffee that works too. I do not have the coffee drip used for making Vietnamese coffee but I think the alternative gave works just fine, not as good as the real thing but you just have to make use of what you have. Done sweat it. Unless you plan to make this often, I don’t think buying a bag of Vietnamese Coffee and the drip is even worth it. If you have both of them, then good for you 🙂 Enjoy!

What are the Ingredients for Vietnamese Coffee?

  • Dairy or Non-Dairy Milk – You can use any dairy or non-dairy milk to make this drink. If you are using homemade non-dairy milk, I would not recommend using Oat milk as it has too much starch on it and it will thicken when you heat it up. Coconut, Almond and cashew Milk are great option.
  • Condensed Milk – this is the sweetener for the coffee. It has a very distinct milky taste that is quite different from using regular sugar or sugar syrup.
  • Espresso/Dark Roast Vietnamese Coffee – if you are really into coffee, you probably have a good quality coffee beans or ground coffee beans that you use at hone. Although the real Vietnamese Coffee uses dark roast Vietnamese Coffee, I read a lot of people using other types of coffee ☕️ f they cannot find this one. I think it works, but maybe there’s a difference in taste when you use the real thing. If you have or you can find Vietnamese coffee, then use it, otherwise use what you have on hand. As I mentioned, I am not a coffee drinker so I just used whatever coffee I have with me. I used instant powdered coffee which is not as strong and as good as using fresh ground coffee.
  • Ice Cube – lots of them! Iced coffee that doesn’t have enough ice feels lacking. Not only that ice makes the coffee refreshingly cold, it also take down the coffee flavor and makes a better blend of milk and coffee. So be generous with the ice.

The Sweetener

Condensed Milk is the traditional way of sweetening Vietnamese Coffee. That is one ingredient that sets it apart from other coffee drinks. Depending on how strong the coffee you are using, you can add as less or as much as you like to suit your preference. I like mine between 2 -3 tablespoon.


  • 1 cup Non-Dairy (or Dairy) Milk
  • 2 – 3 tablespoon Condensed Milk
  • 1/4 cup Espresso
  • Ice cube for serving


  1. Prepare the Coffee: You can use ground coffee and pour hot water on it and let it drip, OR for a shortcut version you use espresso coffee or even diluted instant coffee powder. The later is less desirable if you really want quality Vietnamese coffee but it works for me because I am not a coffee drinker anyways. Let the coffee cool so as not to melt the ice quickly.
  2. Serve: In a serving glass, add condensed milk and coffee and stir until the condensed milk is fully melted and mix with the coffee. Add ice cube and pour milk. If you are adding whipped cream on top, fill close to the top but leave room for the whipped cream.

Serves 1

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