Garden Talk (2023): Spring is Here!

Today (March 12) the we had the time change .. again. Spring forward, clock is adjusted 1 hr. I was a bit disoriented when I woke up this morning, it felt I haven’t slept that much yet and the alarm is already buzzing reminding me to get out of my bed and start preparing for the day. When it comes to sleep, 1 hr makes a huge of difference, I mean who doesn’t want extra he if sleep?

DST during Spring time reminds me that Spring is almost here, at least that I am excited about. Spring means warmer weather, maybe a bit of rain here and there but not as much. Spring means flowers are in bloom. Spring means a trip to a nursery is in order 🙂

The early start of Spring or almost Spring inspires me to start visiting nursery stores. I love, love visiting nursery even if I am not buying anything. Just being surrounded by vibrant and pastel colors of flowers makes me happy. Also, a visit to the nursery gives me ideas on what to plant in my garden.

There’s only 2 nursery that I always visit during Spring and Summer. One of them is Prickly Pear located at Steveston Village in Richmond. I love that their location is very accessible with or without a car. They have open area nursery as well as a small shop with interesting items.

This morning the sun was out, it was a bit cold but it was nice day for a walk outside. The afternoon forecast was rain, rain and more rain which is not unusual for Vancouver. I’ll take even a half day of sunny morning if that’s all that I can have. I decided to visit a nursery to get inspirations and to check if they already have seedling for Spring. The nursery is not that big, – hr is more than enough to visit this place. Actually, if I am not taking photos and videos, 30 minutes or less of visit will be enough. But knowing myself, I will walk done the isle several times before I call it a day. So, that’s what I did and that is what I want to share with you. The flowers are gorgeous, I have to share this with you. Let’s go!

Welcome to Prickly Pear Nursery

Prickly Pear Nursery is located at 12311 No 1 Road, Richmond BC, V7E 1T6

They have a decent size outdoor nursery and a cute shop for gardening and anything under the sun items. You will find garden tools, flower bulbs, packet of seeds, house hold display items, bags and MORE. If you have time, watch the short video to see what they have inside. This is a really cute shop with so many interesting finds.

For this post, I am going to show you around teh outdoor Nursery. It’s not a huge space but they have nice selection of flowers and plants. It is already beautiful now with all the vibrant flowers but wait this you see this place during Summer. It’s a flower heaven! For now, let’s have a tour and see what they have here during Spring.

Primula (Prim Rose)

This flower took over most of the nursery. This is the first one that greeted me when I walked on. It’s hard not to notice the vibrant color of this flower. They give so much pop of color to the garden and definitely brightens up the place. I love all of the but the peach one really captured my heart 🙂 How about you, which one is your favorite?

I was very tempted to buy them but decided not to. I bought a lot of these last year, about 8 of them and they were beautiful until the flower stops coming. I’m know this was supposed to be perennial but they died and did not last that long for me. Must be the soil where I planted them.

Flower Arrangements

This place also have flower arrangements ready for sale. If you do not feel like building your own, you can buy an arrangement, they are not cheap though. I guess that’s the price of having someone arrange it for you, plus the cost of pot and flowers.


I have to share with this flowers. I bought 2 of these last year and true enough to being a perennial flowering plant, they were the one that came out in the garden. I posted few weeks ago the one that I have in my garden. If you miss that post, have a look HERE They look great in containers, I’ll probably transfer mine in containers too.

Mini Roses

The mini roses are here too. I fell I love with these roses and bought 8 last year. I am still waiting to see if they will all come back to life. Right now, I can see some of them starting to show leaves but some are still totally dry and lifeless. These mini roses are great for balcony and containers.


This here is probably my favorite 🌸 They are stunning! The layers of the petals and the colors are simply beautiful. I love how the edge of the petals have a different color, I love how tight the petals to each other. I bought 2 of these last year and I really love them.

Decorative Planters and Statues

I love these planters! They look gorgeous with flowers and plant in them. This will be a nice one for display indoor or for gardens. I particularly like the the one in 2nd photo. They’re quite heavy because they are concrete. This looks like it could last for a long time and can stand changes in weather.

I love visiting this place during Spring and Summer. This is only the outside of the nursery. They also have small shop with more plants, seeds, trinkets and more! I will have a separate video for that so stay tuned so you don’t miss it. The shop is lovely. It is small but full of interesting items inside. Can’t wait to share that with you. Here is a sneak peak of shop.

Thanks for stopping bye. See you in my next post where I will be sharing the mini shop in the nursery. Until next time, bye! 💐🌺🌸🌼.

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