Life Happens: Morning Run & Evening Walks that Keeps Me Calm & Relaxed

Running is not for everyone, and that’s a fact. Some people find running hard in their body, some find it boring but there are some who enjoy it and even competitive about it. I enjoy it, but I was never competitive. I do it because it relaxes me and helps me start or end the day in a good note. Running helps me think if I am deciding on something, but on a happy smooth sailing day, running keeps me centered and happy.

It is one sport that I can do on my own without having to depend on anybody, and for me that’s a good thing. Having full control of my schedule on when I want to do it or when I want to stop and rest is a must for me. It’s never about running 10k everyday, my goal is just to be out of the house and do a physical activity regardless if it is easy or a rigorous one.

Thats how I keep myself focused to be out at least 3x a day, running once and walking 2X. It’s a healthy fun habit that I developed over the pandemic which started to be a way of life for me. Pandemic have a lot of difficult challenges, but this one is the positive thing that I got from it.

Since the pandemic happened and WFH was the new way of working, I had been trying to keep myself entertained and occupied in the free time that I have. Pandemic is over, and things are back to normal (almost). If there is one positive thing that i got during pandemic is to be more physically active. WFH and talking to people only for meeting and rarely leaving my seat is quite a change that I had to leave with. I love working from home now and I honestly think I would not want to go back to working in the office no matter how much I missed a lot of things.

Morning Run & Evening Walks

I am a morning person. I love waking up early, I like starting when everyone else is still asleep. I particularly love doing a morning run when the street is not yet busy and there are only few or no people on the road. I can say I am a creature of habit. I like sticking to my routine, religiously. The good thing about it is that I like it, I don’t feel pressure that I have to do. I enjoy it.

I cannot go far on my morning run as I have to keep it to 1 hr or under, I still have to work 🙂 During Spring and Summer, I run in the same area not quite far from my place. It’s called Cambie Garden. It’s a huge open area with dedicated lane for walking and running. I love this place, it’s never the same everyday.

I aim to be out of the house before the sun rises. I love watching the sunrise as much as I love watching the sunset. They both give a different feel, cozy, quiet and relaxing. Although I run in this area almost everyday, I still cannot helped but take photos. It’s never the same although it is the same spot and sometimes even same time. Depending on the day, it’s always different.

I’ll never get tired of it. It’s too beautiful not to share. How about you? What is your favorite way to relax and de-stress?

Winter, Sprint, Summer or Fall, it’s always beautiful. I thought it’s worth sharing.

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